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This Monday France Football has announced the name of the 30 candidates to take over the Golden Ball 2018. In this first list of candidates highlights the presence of up to eight players from Real Madrid, thus demonstrating the hegemony of the white club, which has been verified with the three Champions League won consecutively. If there is a merengue player who is running as the big favorite to the golden trophy, that is Luka modric.

The midfielder came to Santiago Bernabeu on the bell of the window of transfers of the summer period of 2012. After a hard battle in the dispatches against the Tottenham, the genius of Zadar landed at the Concha Espina club. At first, from the Ciudad Condal, as well as a certain sector of the capital, the suitability of the Croatian signing was questioned. Now, the player has settled as a non-negotiable part in both Real Madrid and Croatia.

Precisely this 2018 has been the most brilliant player in both his team and his national team. With Real Madrid he managed to win his fourth Champions, The Thirteenth of the merengue team, while with his team he managed to reach the final of the World Cup of Russia. Croatia became the great revelation of the championship, even above the Belgium from Hazard Y Courtois. The checkered team was overcoming each phase until it was planted in the final, there France, who ended up proclaiming herself world champion.

The best of the World

Despite the fact that Didier Deschamps they won the World Cup, the prize for best player in the tournament, World Cup Golden Ball, went to the hands of Luka Modric. Behind the Real Madrid midfielder were Eden Hazard, in second place, and Antoine Griezmann, in third place. This was only the first of the rewards for a different footballer.

Modric, from the disappointment of the final to the Golden Ball

This Golden Ball in Russia was very applauded by many sectors, since the Modric Croatia had gotten into the pocket of the whole planet with its attractive and uncomplicated football. It was then when the name of '10' of Real Madrid began to sound with force for the following great individual prizes: The Best to the Golden Ball awarded by France Football.

UEFA and FIFA surrender to Modric

For several years there has been speculation as to who would be the lucky ones to put an end to the hegemony that they maintained Cristiano Ronaldo Y Messi. There was talk of Neymar, from Mbappé and even Griezmann. However, the chosen one has been none other than Luka Modric himself.

The Balkan footballer was designated as the Player of the Year according to UEFA, ahead of Cristiano and Salah. Same podium and same winner in the gala of the FIFA. The Best 2018, prelude to the Golden Ball, was also for the white midfielder, who has everything in his hands to get the golden award. All … except the favor of France.

The French campaign, its great rival

The Golden Ball is given in France. This is the first key to understanding the problem. The most prestigious individual trophy in the world of football is awarded in the neighboring country, country whose national team was proclaimed champion in Russia last July. From there a campaign has been started to be one of Les Bleus who picks up the award next December.

Just on the day that the names of the 30 finalists were announced, an interview was published in the prestigious gala magazine granted by Griezmann. The forward of Atlético de Madrid he is one of the great rivals of Modric in the race to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. He knows it, but far from falling into an egocentricity that could have penalized him, he pointed out that the Golden Ball must be for a French soccer player.

France Football Home: Griezmann and the Golden Ball

France Football Home: Griezmann and the Golden Ball

The World champions … or not so much. Already in 2010 that tradition broke in which an international who won the most important tournament at the national level also won the Golden Ball. In that year, with a Spain world champion for the first time in its history, the trophy flew into the hands of Messi, instead of the other favorites Xavi and Iniesta. In 2014, it was not a German who won it either.

France and its patriotic sentiment have become Modric's great enemy to round off a dreamy 2018. The child who overcame a war to reach his dream by playing at Real Madrid and then become number one, faces a difficult barrier to knock down, although not impossible. The Zadar has in his hand the best of the letters of presentation: his magic football.




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