Neymar, during a match with PSG

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A laps with the future of Neymar. The Brazilian is still not comfortable in Paris and already looking for a way out. Same arguments as last year, but now, in its second year in the PSG, An exit would be much simpler than during the last summer.

Neymar is not happy in Paris. He misses the environment and his life in Spain. It is not that his situation in the dressing room is the best of all, after all the friction that arose during the last season. Without going any further, his relationship with Cavani It does not seem to have improved too much and it is that the Uruguayan has been seen very far from Neymar and Mbappé both outside and inside the field.

Keep in mind that the Ligue-1 It is far from the competitiveness that exists in other leagues such as the Spanish or the English. The PSG adds his days by victories (9 of 9) and already it has been distanced in eight points of the second of the table, the Lille. Neymar has started the season as a shot and already has 10 goals between all competitions. But in any of the big leagues there is such a gap between a team and the rest and that, in the long run, may be another reason to pick up the suitcases. Neymar will be challenged and the French league has ceased to be the previous year.

Neymar, during a match with PSG


Another European failure would be the trigger

The great aspiration of Neymar is to win again the Champions League. He already did it with Barça in 2015, but wants to be the leader of the project that builds the 'Orejona' That is one of the reasons why he did not finally leave PSG this summer. Has the thorn nailed of the eighths against Real Madrid, missing the turn in the Princes Park because of the injury that lasted his second half of the season and even caused it to pass almost on tiptoe by the World Cup of Russia. However, another Parisian catastrophe in Europe, it would take you to seek glory away from Paris.

Neymar knew that Real Madrid was behind him and it was an open secret that both wanted to join their paths. The conversations between both parties were constant for months, but at the moment of truth, Neymar did not want to take the step publicly exhausting all options to wear white. Madrid was not going to go to war with PSG and it was the Brazilian who took the reins. It did not. But his insistence on leaving at the end of the season would put him to Real Madrid's shot again.

Neymar and Mbappé celebrate a goal with PSG

Neymar and Mbappé celebrate a goal with PSG


If Madrid did not sign a great star last summer was, for the most part, because it was understood that only Neymar and Mbappé were able to cover a hole as big as the one left Christian. However, seeing that there was no possibility of getting any of the stars of PSG, a great expense was denied in another player. The Madrid had the capital prepared. Up to 300 million euros in case Neymar gave the green light to his exit, but never happened.

Now the price would be lower and is that has come to light a clause that would allow Neymar out of PSG next summer by 220 'kilos', practically the same amount that cost his departure from Barcelona in the summer of 2017. A price that it would be reduced to 200 million leaving in 2020, but Neymar does not want to wait. The Madrid road map contemplated holding Neymar for another year, if it did not sign last summer. The Barcelona He would also be behind his signing, as pointed out by the Catalan press, however, the friction with the Culé directive makes his return very complicated. Madrid already sees the smoke signals from Paris and they are from Neymar.




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