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The Real Madrid face The classic as a turning point after overcoming the bad run of results. The streak of five consecutive games without a win was broken against the Viktoria Pilsen last Tuesday and now the white club just thinks about going up and punching on the table in the Camp Nou.

Winning The Classic is almost mandatory to strike a blow in The league and to Barça. The culés march first in the table with four points of difference with respect to their eternal rival. The Catalans have also had an irregular season start and losing against Madrid in their fief could revive ghosts and put back Valverde in question.

Real Madrid looks for the formula to storm the Camp Nou. Since 2009, this will be the first time that Madrid visit the culé stadium without Cristiano Ronaldo and a new reference is sought to assault the house of the eternal rival. The figure of Sergio Ramos, in this way, it seems fundamental for El Clásico. The captain, next to Marcelo, is the only one that survives the Classics of the pre and post Christian eras. During the Portuguese stage, life was different for white players, but now it's time to bet more on the team than on a single and absolute leader on the pitch.

Ramos, Fede Valverde and Casemiro


Ramos leads the Real Madrid plot

Sergio Ramos knows that. The driver has been at the beginning of the season, stressing the importance of the collective and that all together can overcome the departure of Cristiano. It was already seen during the first weeks, but these last matches have revived the doubts. As captain, Ramos is the moral leader of the locker room and has fallen on him the responsibility of causing an immediate change in the team. After all, El Clásico is the last bullet left to Real Madrid and, above all, to Lopetegui.

On Lopetegui, Ramos's message has been quite clear. He is to death with a coach and has tried to deflect criticism from him. The rumors are not going to Ramos who only thinks about getting out of the pothole, sportingly speaking. His defense to the coach has been crucial in the plot to leave the team. All together can achieve anything and that is what Ramos wanted to transmit to his colleagues.

Ramos marking Barcelona

Ramos marking Barcelona

The scares of Ramos at the Camp Nou

In addition, Sergio Ramos is a legend of the Classics. Not for nothing, has not missed a duel against Barca since 2005, that is, since he came to Madrid. A total of 40 matches between which there is the odd match in which Ramos managed to silence rival fans in his own home. The first would be shortly after arriving, in 2006 specifically, a match that ended 3-3 and in which the keeper would put the 2-3 after a superb header.

One of his great nights in his thirteen season at Real Madrid came two seasons ago at the Camp Nou. Madrid lost 1-0 on the scoreboard in a match that did not do justice to what was offered by the Zidane, at that time, and they deserved to win after, for example, stealing a penalty at the beginning of the game against Luke Vázquez. The end of the game is irretrievably close, but the Camp Nou fell silent before the flight of the camero that, with his head, returned to mark against Barcelona. 1-1 and the image of Ramos reigned at the Camp Nou. The great goal is that this Sunday, something like this will happen again.




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