<pre>Real Madrid initiated legal measures against Portuguese newspaper for publication about Cristiano

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Real Madrid announced that it initiated legal actions against the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã “for the publication of a flatly false information and that tries to seriously damage the image of the club”, related to the complaint lodged against his former player Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Real Madrid had no knowledge of the fact to which said newspaper refers to the player Cristiano Ronaldo and, therefore, could not exercise any action on something that he absolutely did not know“, the club said in a statement, announcing that”demanded a total rectification by the aforementioned media. “

According to the daily sensationalist Luso Correio da Manhã, Ronaldo did not want to sign an agreement with the American model Kathryn Mayorga, but the lawyers of Real Madrid they pressured him to agree to pay him compensation.

The newspaper also said that Cristiano Ronaldo met with his lawyers during his recent visit to Lisbon to address the complaint filed with him for an alleged violation occurred in the summer of 2009 in Las Vegas (United States).

The Juventus striker denied “in a blunt manner” the facts in several messages published on their social networks.

The defense of the player assured that the documents that have been disclosed on the case are “pure inventions”.

The American lawyer Peter S. Christiansen stated that the documents that allegedly contain statements by the player They were stolen by a hacker and a media outlet “ended up irresponsibly for publishing some.”

According to the lawyer, “significant parts “of them” were altered and / or completely manufactured “.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not deny that he accepted to conclude an agreement, but the reasons that led him to do so are, at the very least, being distorted. That agreement does not represent in any way a confession of guilt“added the lawyer who reiterated that the position of the player was always and still is that it was a” consensual “relationship.




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