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Exactly 6 hours and 49 minutes are what accumulate Real Madrid from Lopetegui without celebrating a goal. The last one, which arrived with suspense and thanks to VARIt was the Marco Asensio before him Spanish. It was September 22 and at that time everything was joy in the white team. That same week he had thrashed the Rome, semifinalist of the last Champions, with one of the best exhibitions of recent times.

However, everything changed from that moment. Then came the win in the Sánchez Pizjuán and the draw in the derby, although Madrid was much higher than Athletic. The visit to Moscow seemed then propitious to change the dynamics, but an error of Kroos Y Varane in the first minute he completely changed the game. An unexpected and painful defeat, but one that had a solution since the Lopetegui team kept a close The league and the Champions are not won in October.

Then he duel in Mendizorroza as the moment to give a change of course. Madrid had the opportunity to take a turn, to be a leader before the confrontation between Valencia Y Barcelona in Mestalla and go to the halt of selections with the duties done and with other sensations. But everything that goes wrong can go worse and a goal from Manu García in the 95th minute he ended up punishing with cruelty the lack of marksmanship a team that seems to live a mental as well as a football blockade.

The anxiety and the mental block of Madrid

Real Madrid curdled before the Alavés his worst match with Sánchez Pizjuán. Unlike the derby or the visit to Moscow, in Vitoria he hardly enjoyed clear opportunities and was unable to overcome the spider web woven with detail by Abelardo. As if it were a crab, Lopetegui's group took several steps backwards in Mendizorroza. Prisoner of anxiety for the lack of goal and, above all, for the imperative need to take the three points and return to the path of victory.

Sergio Ramos and Deportivo Alavés striker, Jonathan Calleri, hurt after an action of the match


Unlike the other duels, Madrid had a mental problem with the clock and a crisis of confidence. At no time believed during the last minutes and ended up paying cruelly with a goal against in the last second. Lopetegui must now regain the football that was seen in the first league commitments and in the Champions League game against Roma. That is the first and most important mission for the coach, although it will not be the last.

The two weeks that are now ahead due to the stoppage by selections harms the Madrid, who will not have an opportunity to end the losing streak until October 20. A long time with an outside noise that will grow in the coming days. Neither can Lopetegui count with most of his players, since the internationals will not return until a few days before the match against the I raised at Santiago Bernabeu.

The physical problems of Bale and the bassoon of Benzema

Among the reasons for the scoring drought are also the physical problems of Bale. The Welshman has become leader of the front and the team needs him one hundred percent. He had to retire at the Madrid derby break, he did not travel to Russia and, when he seemed recovered, he fell back to the Alavés. The '11' needs to recover that continuity of the beginning of the campaign in which it was erected as the new leader of the attack.

Gareth Bale laments during the game against Alavés

Gareth Bale laments during the game against Alavés


For its part, the rebirth of goalscorer Benzema He got stuck on Day 3 and has not seen a door since. The level of the French was outstanding at the beginning of La Liga and now he needs to recover it. He has not had enough rest, since he has played all the matches and that has also prevented Mariano Enter the game dynamics with more minutes and shooting.

Another solution can be Vinicius. The Brazilian is excited and is slowly entering the Lopetegui rotation after leaving Second B. You should not have the pressure to pull the car, but the opportunities for, who knows, throw the door down

Carvajal, Marcelo and Isco: three generators of opportunities

The bad luck, the mental block … and another of the explanations to the drought Real Madrid is in the casualties. Lopetegui loses three great generators of occasions without Carvajal, Marcelo and Isco. The two sides and the playmaker are those who unbalance, those who find the gap when there is not. That is to say, what he searched for ad nauseam and did not find Real Madrid in Mendizorroza.

Varane fights Nikola Vlasic for a ball

Varane fights Nikola Vlasic for a ball


It is time for self-criticism because of the great demand that always requires being the best club of the twentieth century and of which the XXI has passed. Lopetegui must reflect, find football solutions and, above all, recover his players in the mental aspect. That is to say, to finish with the blackout and to turn on the light in the locker room of Real Madrid.




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