Vinicius surrounded by four Atlético players in his official debut with Real Madrid

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The Real Madrid faces on Tuesday the first match since the arrival of Solari to the bench of the white set. The Melilla will be the first rival of the merengue box in the Copa del Rey this season, in a match in which the Madrid team wants to get a resounding victory to start this new stage on the right foot.

One of the players who will be present in this match will be Vinicius The Brazilian will be part of an eleven in which the less usual, as is usual in these games, have the opportunity to add a number of important minutes. In this way, the former Flamengo will have the opportunity to live his first ownership with the white set, something that has resisted him to date.

The Madridistas will be able to enjoy a footballer they are eager to see, and Vinicius will be able to play against an opponent that has a level similar to that of the teams he is used to playing in. Second B with the Castile, so it will not be anything new for the young Brazilian. After the few minutes he has enjoyed, the Brazilian will have, at last, a number of important minutes to be able to show off.

Vinicius surrounded by four Atlético players in his official debut with Real Madrid


Little more than ten minutes played to date

Julen Lopetegui he always assured that Vinicius would play when the situation was right so he could help the team. However, his participation in the first team has been nothing short of testimonial. Only twelve minutes on the field is the baggage of the former Flamengo to date.

He debuted with Real Madrid in the derby against the Atlético de Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu. He played just five minutes, but it was enough to see that Vinicius scares us for nothing and has a self-confidence that can take him far. Before one of the toughest defenses of the championship, he did not hesitate to face and seek, thanks to his speed, the overflow by band, starring a debut of the most promising.

After this game, the carioca has only had the opportunity to jump to the field in one more game. On the next day of The league, in front of Alavés, came off the bench with 0-0 on the scoreboard just over ten minutes to the end of the match. Vinicius returned to show these same characteristics, although he did not have luck in the definition of the plays. However, he showed again that he can help the team a lot.

Vinicius celebrates his foul goal

Vinicius celebrates his foul goal

His decisive role in Castilla

Given this lack of minutes with the first team, Solari, every time he had the opportunity, did not hesitate to line up as a starter in Castilla. The Argentine knew that he could be a decisive player in the first white subsidiary, and he was not wrong, being the most decisive players in the first months of competition.

With three goals in the first three days of the league, Vinicius showed that it can be decisive in the matches. The subsidiary of Atlético de Madrid endorsed a double that allowed the derby to tie, and Unionists He returned to see the door, signing a dream season start.

After several weeks with the first team, Vinicius reappeared with Castilla before the Celta Vigo, and once again demonstrated what he is capable of. With an authentic goal of fault became the great protagonist of the game, something that failed to blur the unfair expulsion suffered in the final moments.

The confidence of Solari

These meetings in Castilla have shown that Solari fully trusts Vinicius. As he acknowledged on Tuesday at a press conference: “Vinicius is one more player in the squad” so “it will be available just like the rest”. In addition, he did not hesitate to praise him, stressing that he is “very talented”.

From the hand of Solari, Vinicius has the challenge of gaining importance in the team. “He has a lot to learn, but also a lot to give,” said the Argentine, and before the Melilla is the first opportunity to show that his coach is not wrong.

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