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With the defeat in Moscow he Real Madrid accumulates three games without knowing the victory and without having seen goal. In total, it exceeds five hours without celebrating a goal. The last one was the Marco Asensio before him Spanish that was granted after the revision of the VAR, as Mateu Lahoz I had annulled him at first by an offside that was not.

However, far from the usual catastrophism in each slump, Madrid has reason to believe and away the pessimism of the team. It is true that it is not very common to see the white team add two losses and a draw in the last three games, but the draft Julen Lopetegui not so much ago, it amazed Europe whole with an exhibition before the Rome on the first day of the group stage of the Champions League.

What has changed since then? Simply an accumulation of circumstances and bad luck that has caused that Real Madrid has not obtained good results. Far from a crisis, both the team and the fans must cling to the reasons for optimism:

1- Clear superiority against Atlético and CSKA

Real Madrid deserved the victory against the Athletic, since the team Simeone He even signed the tie since the beginning of the second half. The derby left two different parts, although in the global the white set was the owner and lord of the match. Alone Oblak and the continuous interruptions of the colchoneros deprived to those of Lopetegui to obtain the three points.

Bale disputes a ball with Godín


Before him CSKA More of the same happened. A bad pass from Kroos, the most reliable player in this section, and a goal in the first minute completely changed the game. After the injury came Carvajal and the three suits. Even at the last moment Varane He was able to tie in a ball that left inexplicably outside. Out of every hundred matches like this, Madrid wins all but one. And it happened that this duel was the one that was played in the Luznhikí Olympic Stadium.

2- The Champions League is not won in October

Two seasons ago, Real Madrid drew three games in the group stage: two against the Dortmund and one before the Legia Warsaw. Last season he tied at home with the Tottenham and lost in Wembley. The story both years ended in the same way: with the white team raising 'The Orejona'

The defeat in Moscow is a stick, but it should not be a setback for the whole of Lopetegui. You should not have the slightest problem to finish between the first two of your group and access the eighth. From February is when the Champions is decided and there Real Madrid is expert in getting in top form.

3- Colíder next to Barça and with a harder calendar

In The league the situation is much better than last season. Real Madrid has tied two games, against Athletic and Atlético, and has lost against the Seville. The defeat in Sánchez Pizjuán It was painful, but only an accident. In the derby, the meringues improved and returned to their level. The set of Lopetegui has the same points as Barça, although the Catalans have had a more affordable schedule and points have been left before Girona, Leganés and Athletic.

Odriozola and Benzema celebrate with Asensio a goal

Odriozola and Benzema celebrate with Asensio a goal


Madrid have already removed two of the most difficult visits of La Liga: San Mamés and Sánchez Pizjuán. The Barça, none. The options therefore in the domestic championship are intact and even in a better position than those of Valverde. The classic October 28 will be a good touchstone.

4- Survive the plague of injuries

In Moscow, Real Madrid traveled without Ramos, Bale, Marcelo and Isco. Four titularísimos that were not on the lawn of Luznhikí. In addition, he lost to Carvajal before the break. The lateral one had already dragged physical problems and Odriozola It has also been low. On the other hand, Vallejo The first part of the season has been lost. In conclusion: a plague that is caused by the world and the September requirement where players have played every three days.

Varane fights Nikola Vlasic for a ball

Varane fights Nikola Vlasic for a ball


Despite Lopetegui's attempts to stop the injuries and rotate the players, for example Modric he was not a starter against CSKA, you can not prevent physical problems from appearing in this part of the season with a schedule full of matches. The most positive thing for Real Madrid is that, thanks to a great wardrobe background, it has managed to survive and remain at the top of the table in La Liga. In Champions, the victory against Roma in the Santiago Bernabeu will be key to move to the next phase and now await those who in theory are his two simplest commitments of the group against the Viktoria Pilsen.

5- The great start of the season: confidence in Lopetegui

Until the game against Espanyol, the start of the campaign by Real Madrid had been unbeatable. The Lopetegui team won and convinced. With a new coach who imposed his style and worked. The change in the bench always brings a time of adaptation, although the team seemed to have overcome it in record time.

The high pressure of Julen and his bet for the touch liked and paid off. Bale, Benzema and Asensio went out in every game and the exhibition against Roma was the best proof of that. However, the white team seems to have suffered a downturn that has more to do with the load of encounters and physical problems. In addition, Lopetegui is working on a new style that, logically, needs more time despite the good results it gave after the Eurocopa Supercopa.

Over the months, Madrid will go further and in the club there is full confidence that this three-game winless streak is nothing more than a temporary blip. The view is set in the next league day before the Alavés. The objective is to achieve the three points and face the new break for the selections with the moral intact and then look at the Classic of the end of October. Patience, this Real Madrid is not as bad as some want to see.




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