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Back in 2000, when the press of the heart began to take packaging on private television, landed in the programs of this court a young brunette, disgusted and talkative call Nuria Bermúdez (38 years). For friends, NuriaBer He began his professional career in cuore with scandal and love affairs.

He made a lot of sets, he got involved with at least half Mediaset team, he raised the temperatures in the hours golfas of the Deluxe from before, he taught more than the account in Martian Chronicles, and one day he fell in love and his curtain fell. End of the function. And it was not Antonio David Flores (42) nor of David Beckham (44), but dropped out of a footballer. He left everything behind and today is a reputable football agent of FIFA. How life changes.

In fact, then it became known on a large scale, but Bermudez debuted in the world of show much earlier. The Madrilenian -and also Real Madridista-, the daughter of a military man and a nurse, began her career in show business at the age of 11, appearing in the program of Teresa Rabal (65), The nursery, Antena 3. There and showed his tables in front of the camera, but much more innocent.

However, his less naive fame came several years later as a result of his adventure with the civilian ex-guard Antonio David Flores, at that time husband of Rocío Carrasco (40) and, consequently, son-in-law of Rocío Jurado. It can be said that love took her away from the good path. He left the nursery to live his life as a university student. East affaire it opened the doors wide of the successful late show of Telecinco Martian Chronicles, Where he worked as a chatter for 9 years and began to air his other supposed love affairs with several celebrities. He did not waste time. Between his flirting, great footballers like Roberto Carlos, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo (33). Taking advantage of that great media pull, the young made a box posing nude for several magazines while distributing her knowledge in other well-known television shows like By your side Y Where are you Love?. His fame was apotheosis. The magazines were raffled.

Dani Güiza, the man who focused it

Beyond her skirts, Nuria has been a staunch soccer fan all her life. He is passionate and can not wait for his Real Madrid. He took the title of FIFA agent and, with him to his credit, fell in love with Dani Güira (38) in 2006. Hung the habits of television and decided to turn his life around and move away from the spotlight to become the soccer player's representative and change his lifestyle and improve his football. He wanted to make Dani a star and polished it thoroughly. The love was so smooth that in December 2007 they welcomed their son Daniel in Mallorca, where the football player played at that moment.

Bermúdez and his ex-partner.

Bermúdez and his ex-partner.


After a lot of training and good advice from Nuria, Güiza was summoned to Euro 2008. NuriaBer no longer existed, the one that was present was the Bermúdez woman and, above all, manager. He closed the signing of the striker for Fenerbahçe with historical achievement added. Neither more nor less, was the first woman to make a contract with Turkish football, achieving at the same time the first Spanish signing in the history of the club. To conquer in his fractious years the staff of Real Madrid, to be a big shot of the ball in the Turkish shadow. Despite the achievements and the meteoric rise of Dani, the love of the couple cracked during his time in Turkish football. Nuria and Dani They broke their relationship and began a long four-year dispute in the courts. Love left not to return in 2012, when Bermúdez herself retaliated for the magazine What do you say and affirmed that they had smoked the pipe of peace thanks to the intermediation of the then girlfriend and now Dani Güiza's wife, Rocío Herrera. This agreement included a regime of visits for which the forward could once again enjoy his son Dani.

The present of Nuria Bermúdez

In recent years, Nuria has made her life in Madrid away from public life and completely devoted to her son. Just a few days ago, his name resounded when Kiko Hernández (42) he confessed his night of passion with Nuria in full Save me, To everyone's surprise. “I in 2002, when I left Big Brother, I roll up one night with her “, he released.

On the line, meanwhile, Dinio (46) assured in ButterflyFish that Nuria Bermúdez, together with Estíbaliz Sanz and Mari Cielo Pajares, they had had some affaire with Gustavo González (52). The Cuban stressed that he is now in love with Maria Lapiedra (33) would have had a “lasting and real relationship” between 2004 and 2005 with Nuria. An information that quickly she was responsible for denying, assuring that they had always been friends and nothing else. A mediatic return, that of Nuria Bermúdez, which may only be temporary; or serve, perhaps, to return it to the eye of Telecinco.




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