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Gianluigi Buffon He spoke for Sky Sport to analyze the meeting that will face the PSG in front of Naples in which will be your return to Italy after leaving the Juventus in the past summer market. The goalkeeper recalled his last match in the competition, against Real Madrid in which he was expelled for protesting after the penalty committed by Benatia on Lucas Vázquez.

The Italian goalkeeper declared after the match that the referee had been “an animal, instead of a heart he has a dustbin”. The reason for the anger was the penalty indicated by Michael Oliver, British referee of the match, of Benatia on Lucas Vázquez in the discount of the match. The maximum penalty transformed it Cristiano Ronaldo to give the coup de grace to Juventus and Buffon was expelled for protesting the decision.

“What about the garbage can of filth?” I did not know what to say, I had an anger of a thousand demons, “said the Italian, who recalled his younger version:” Carol out Buffon. ” The goalkeeper has been penalized until now, having to watch the games of his new team from outside. “I have seen the three PSG games since the dressing room, not being able to participate has been hard,” he acknowledged.

Buffon protests the penalty in front of the referee.


The Italian will be able to debut in the Champions League against Naples

Buffon had good words also towards his compatriot Carlo Ancelotti, ex-coach of Real Madrid who is currently in the team against which he will return to play a Champions League match. “The game against Napoli will be difficult, Ancelotti has improved the team, they have certainty that they did not know before,” Buffon said.

Buffon celebrating his first title with PSG

Buffon celebrating his first title with PSG


The Italian also got wet on the favorite to win the Champions this season, a position for which he highlighted two teams due to his great referents. “You have to say that the favorite is the Barcelona because they have the best player in the world. Then, Juventus, who signed the one who is considered the best, “said Buffon, referring to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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