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Álvaro Morata has granted an interview to The Gazzetta dello Sport where he has reviewed the news of the Real Madrid, but also the turn that has given his career working under the orders of Maurizio Sarri and of Luis Enrique. The striker has acknowledged that a serious crisis passed when he was left out of the World Cup of Russia the last summer.

The Spanish forward has assured that for him it was no surprise that after the dismissal of Julen Lopetegui talk about Conte as his possible relief: “I'm not surprised at all, he's one of the best coaches there are, tactically few are at his level, he's a winner and so is Madrid, and when a winning club has to react quickly, It's normal that you think of a coach like him, I think he could have done very well in the Santiago Bernabeu

For the soccer player not to attend the appointment of Russia It was a very hard blow and for that reason he had to go to professionals to help him out of the hole: “Not going to the World Cup was the biggest disappointment of my life. In a short time I left a place where I felt happy, Madrid, to go and look for luck in Italy. I arrived home and again decided to leave, at Chelsea, to have more opportunities to play and go to the World Cup. I stayed outside and the world collapsed: I entered a rather bad period in which I saw everything very dark and only thanks to my family and my wife I managed to move on “.

Morata, before the Crystal Palace.


Morata has acknowledged that he needed help to end his depression and encourages people who need it to do the same as him: “This summer I have suffered a lot, I managed to get out of this negative situation and get back to doing things right thanks to the help Externally, a psychologist, that of the National Team, and the birth of my children, it is difficult for people to accept the idea of ​​resorting to a psychologist, but the results in my case have been excellent, for certain things we must be helped. “

Happy with Sarri and Luis Enrique

Sarri and Luis Enrique also have part of 'fault' of the recovery of the striker blue. About the Italian has indicated that he likes a lot “his style” and that “his system is perfect” for him. “He is always available and interested in talking to you about anything. One of the first times I met him, he asked me what I thought about the independence of the Basque Country. I was surprised, I did not expect it. We start talking with passion, and it's not so obvious. I am very happy to have him as a coach and how we are doing things. We have not lost yet, but I repeat, with a couple of victories more would be at the top or almost, “he said about the current coach of Chelsea.

In addition, in the Italian media has not hidden that Luis Enrique came to the Selection in the right moment. The appointment of the Asturian coach as coach of the national team left very different opinions for his past in the Barcelona and also for its recognized antimadridism. However, he has shown in his short time in office that he does not marry anyone and that he does not look at which team the selected teams play.

“He came at a good time, Luis Enrique believes in me and has always called me: he makes me happy and he encourages me, now I just want the qualification, because maybe now this League of Nations does not call people, but when summer comes and there is no football, I think the Spaniards will be happy to see us compete for a trophy “, he commented on the figure of Luis Enrique and the UEFA Nations League.

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