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This Wednesday the Real Madrid I was traveling to Melilla to face his first game of Copa del Rey. After the dismissal of Julen Lopetegui Monday, Santiago Solari, former coach of Castile, he sat on the bench in his first meeting leading the first team, and decided to have Vinicius of holder.

The Argentine coach gave some surprises, and one of them was the call of several homegrown, but especially the Brazilian, who debuted in the eleventh. In the program The Chiringuito de Jugones have been debating whether the former player of the Flamengo should charge a more relevant role in the meringue template and be the owner.

Alfredo Duro has been one of those who have been cited in the space to give their point of view on the role that must have the carioca, who pointed out that the young footballer has not been given the opportunity he should have had, due to the potential that has exhibited on the playing fields.

Vinicius debuts as a starter at Real Madrid against Melilla


The light that illuminates the path

“The anachronisms of life in general and of football in particular lead us to absurdities like the one we are talking about right now: Madrid, which is trying to reinvent itself since the season has begun based on hits that he has won more than anyone, Now it turns out that he finds a light called Vinicius, and we put everything on it, “he said.

“There's a problem, why do they put the lid on how well we're in the dark?” Vinicius, turn to Brazil lest you make us here generate a debate that makes someone recognize their failure. Mine is not because I do not make those decisions, but the people who are failing if Vinicius does three more things … They are those who deny the evidence that football offers you with signals, “he added.

“We are all very smart or very stupid, football is a signal thing, and here are people who know that in football you make a mistake on the day you have it clearer, and suddenly something strange comes up because of a strange thing. But there are signs that do not fail, and the signs of Vinicius, were evident, Vinicius is here, “he assured exalted.

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