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Marco Asensio It is in the eye of the hurricane during the last weeks. The Mallorcan player of Real Madrid is not curdling the great performances to which he has become accustomed to Madrid fans and for that he is receiving many criticisms. This added to his words in the concentration of the Spanish team in which he said that he does not have to be the one who “pull the car in Madrid”, which has caused endless reactions.

The Balearic player continues to enjoy the confidence of Solari and will be an important player in the white set, but since Italy means like Tuttosport they point out that the former Majorca could go to the destination Juventus in order to meet with his ex-partner Cristiano Ronaldo He left last summer.

In The beach bar they debated about it and Congo broke a spear in favor of the player, because “it has a lot of room for improvement” and we must understand that “a hole is going on like every football player”. Many already want to sell the Mallorcan forgetting its importance in the recent successes of the Madrid side, but the tertuliano was clear and said that “would not sell to Marco Asensio”.

Asensio fights a ball with a Levante player


The possible signing of Neymar

In the famous program they also talked about a possible return of Neymar to The league with Barcelona and Real Madrid as candidates. Congo also spoke about that and declared that “footballingly speaking, Neymar in Madrid would be a spectacle”, something that makes it clear that the Brazilian is a player who deludes the Real Madrid fan.

On the other hand, the information given in the program points to the fact that the PSG will return to the Barça team next season, because that is what is transmitting to their immediate surroundings. It is worth remembering that the Brazilian left Barcelona after paying 222 million from the French side and leaving his old club behind.

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