Vinicius kisses the shield of his shirt after the first goal to Valladolid

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Since your arrival, Vinicius It has raised a great stir. The Brazilian came from Brazil as a promise, and with his good performances has managed to convince both the Real Madrid as to your hobby. The young footballer is shining, and his agent, as he explained in a newspaper interview ACE, he is convinced that he will triumph in white.

Frederico Pina knows that Vinicius, who can live his debut on Wednesday at the Champions, he is not the leader of Real Madrid yet, and that “he must still acclimatise to a new country, to European culture and to the language”. He affirms that “he is currently a very young boy to be the leader”. However, he does not doubt that “if they give him confidence, there will be no one to stop Vini”.

As for the pressure he may have on his shoulders, his agent does not want to deceive him and states that “if he wants to be important in Real Madrid, he will have to put up with all that pressure and more”. But he says that Vinicius “is not afraid of anything and his mind makes it very strong in any situation.”

Pina insists that “being in Madrid is not easy, but you know how to take it very well”, and although the former Flamengo feel the pressure stresses that “part with the advantage that in Brazil and got used to all this kind of things.”

Vinicius kisses the shield of his shirt after the first goal to Valladolid


Real Madrid, enchanted with Vinicius

In only a few matches, Vinicius has managed to make the fans fall in love, and his representative is clear about the reason: “because he is a winner, he does not like to lose and that's what the fans like”. In addition, he affirms that “it is wonderful to see him play”, but what excites him is “knowing that he still has many years to improve”.

On the possibilities of the end of the season being the undisputed title of the white team, Pina does not deny that it is what they want, but recognizes that Vinicius “knows that it is difficult because the group has a great quality” with players like Isco, Asensio Y Bale. However, they have hope because, as the agent says, “it's true that in football everything changes in a second.”

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