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Toshack He has made clear in his memoirs that he does not keep a great memory of Bale, one of the best players in the world who has been criticized by his former coach. “It's what disappoints me a little bit Gareth Bale. In the time he has been there he has not been able to give an interview in Spanish. It has nothing to do with the goals he scores, but if you go to work in those places, you owe it out of respect for the people, “Toshack explained in his memoirs.

Although for the Welsh coach, despite supporting the merengue team, nothing like defending the shirt of the Liverpool for more than seven years. “Train the Real Madrid, fantastic. Ten years in the Basque Country, fantastic. But Liverpool? The best years of my life “, says Toshack, in several excerpts that, combined with an interview, published on Friday Daily Mail.

Toshack remembers Iker Casillas, whose name recalls when asked about the best young player he has trained: “I was 18 when I made my debut in the Real Madrid goal. Athletic, looking at the goal and thinking: 'What have I done?' The goals seemed so big and the so small … ”

Gareth Bale celebrates his goal against Roma


Your love for young promises

Casillas was not the only player who impressed him in Spain. TO Noureddine Naybet he names him as the best player he has trained outside of UK. “He had a problem in his knee, but he never missed a game, a fantastic reader of a game, like a policeman at the crossroads,” Toshack describes Deportivo's midfielder. He trained Real Madrid for 3 seasons and his last campaign in Spain was in Murcia in 2004.

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