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Here he sends Solari. It is the message that the Argentine has transmitted to all his costumes after leaving in the stands Isco against Rome. That the malagueño stay out of the final call for the game was the most commented of the night. Indicated or not, it is clear that the 'Isco case' is a technical decision of the coach.

Isco has only played 81 minutes with Solari. All of them divided into six games. He was left without playing against Rome, as he did against the Celtic or the Melilla. Although those cases did not create so much trouble because they could be understood more (by injuries and by the party that was, respectively). A touch of attention from Solari to Isco who has not been through his best form for a long time.

Isco has lost his place in the team. If he finished last season being indisputable with Zidane and holder at the end of Kiev, this course has hit a wall since Solari was placed under the orders of the team. With Lopetegui It was fixed, but a few days he came to perform as expected of him. The operation for his appendicitis ended up ballasting him.

Isco trains during the pre-Champions League match


A decision beyond the operation

However, the operation is no longer an excuse. If in the first substitutions it was understood that Solari did not give him the ownership to give him a time to recover, now it is not like that. Isco is to play. It was seen with the Selection. Luis Enrique he gave 90 minutes against Croatia Y Bosnia. But Solari does not see him well and Isco must go a step further.

Facing the public, neither Solari nor Isco have suggested that there is a problem that goes beyond sports. What happens inside the locker room is left for them. Working and working is what Isco has left, who received a message from Marcelo in mixed zone. “I do not say Isco does not work, but in football we have to work to improve,” said the Brazilian. Others like Marcos Llorente they followed the same line as that of the second captain.

This was the departure of Isco from the Olympic Games in Rome

This was the departure of Isco from the Olympic Games in Rome

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Isco already knows what it is to be in the bullseye

Isco is not a lost case nor has the doors closed to return to the main planes. The quality of Isco is undoubted and what can contribute to the team has already been proven in the last few seasons. It happened with Zidane who found himself without a site. Although neither with French, nor with Ancelotti, nor with Benitez, nor with Lopetegui was seen in the stands in such a way. But Isco is a player of those with character and personality and those who know how to get out of situations like this.

The reality is that Isco, like Asensio, have taken a step back while other players like Ceballos and even Marcos Llorente are taking advantage of their opportunities. Without making noise, like Isco, and with the only premise of working on a day-to-day basis and giving everything on the field. Everyone was surprised about Isco in Rome, but they understood Solari's message. The one who works will have his minutes and the one who does not see one hundred percent will go to the bench (or to the stands).

The season is very long and they only carry a third of it. Isco does not have to fall into traps now and say a higher word than he should. The topic is hot and sure that for him it will not have been a tasteful dish to be outside the call in Champions. Solari has not entered into war and his colleagues have already told him what is there: work and more work.




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