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Since this summer Vinicius come to Real Madrid It is monopolizing all the lights. The young Brazilian footballer has left amazed all the fans with his self-confidence and his boldness that have led him to shine with the Castile at the beginning of the season and with the first team in the last matches.

In his country, they see him as a future star of the Brazilian team, however, the young Madrid player has received a small stick of Tite. In an interview with Globoesporte, the coach from Rio de Janeiro recognizes that he thought about his possible call to the Absolute of Brazil: “I was coming out of the Flamengo, adapting, training with the main team of Real Madrid, but without playing … Then it was a very difficult period. But I thought about him. “

However, after recognizing this, he leaves a small message for his way of playing. “Talk to Carlos Amadeu (Brazil's Sub20 coach) and he told me: 'Vinicius has an incredible ability to attract the media. He is extremely simple and calm at work. But it fascinates the media '”, but despite the recommendation, Tite thinks that Vinicius” is very finicky, much of the one against one, but lacks a little lucidity … “, although he is among the nominees Golden Boy

Rodrygo, in a Brazil sub20 training. Photo: cbf.com.br

See more prepared to Rodrygo

The other great carioca pearl that Real Madrid has signed is Rodrygo. The footballer of Saints is shining in the Brazilian league, and in this case, Tite does see him prepared and mature. “Rodrygo has an impressive lucidity”, assured the coach, who revealed that Jair Ventura, current coach of Corinthians He told him: “He looks like a veteran player, he is mature in decision-making”.

Tite stressed that Rodrygo “infiltrates between the lines, holds the ball, changes the direction, if they give him space, he dribbles … It's amazing how he makes the decision”. In addition, he believes that “his mental game is that of a 25-year-old player, it is an association football”. However, he considers that “he does not have physical strength yet”, something he does see in Vinicius, although he considers him “more individualistic”. But he insists that Rodrygo “seems to have a good head, knows how to listen and evolve”.

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