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The Real Madrid does not go through its best moment in The league. His defeat before Eibar leaves the team in a critical situation, despite being within 6 points of the lead. The good news is that the great rivals of the meringues are not taking advantage of the situation and do not go too far in the qualifying table. The whites are sixth, at 5 points Barcelona and 4 of Atlético de Madrid.

The situation was explained in detail by Josep Pedrerol in The beach bar. The presenter of the program confirmed that “Real Madrid is 'dead' and Solari has to recover it with good words, what will he do?” He confirmed that it would be a mistake to start pointing and whistling players, that “Bale will be on the template until June, Solari has to go and say that a little more, run. ”

Another issue that worries Pedrerol is the physical state of the players. “Luka modric has played the two matches with Croatia and it shows, he was left without half a staff and had two days to prepare the game, “confirmed the presenter.” What will Ramos say? Well, that attitude is lacking, that the team like these years will arrive in May and will fight for the Champions League because he has players for it. “

Solari, during the Eibar – Real Madrid in Ipurua


Injuries damage the Solari staff

The plague of injuries during these first months of competition only three players are saved: Thibaut Courtois, Toni Kroos Y Luka modric. The rest of the team has had physical problems of greater or lesser severity, which has prevented Solari from getting the mechanisms he wants to implement in the template.

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