Mario Hermoso makes an entry with the National Team against Bosnia

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Luis Enrique raised a renewed Selection this Sunday in Las Palmas. The Asturian coach took a very young team in which even Isco he had to act as captain and in which he even made four players. One of them was Mario Hermoso, the defender of Spanish and the fashionable central in Spain.

Among the four debutants was the only one that left the owner. It seemed that Mario Hermoso was a veteran with the National Team, when it was only his first game. Nor is it Bosnia It would be very difficult for him to get behind Spain, but Hermoso defended himself very well in front of Dzeko and the rest of his companions. Goal to zero, that was his goal in his debut and he met without problems.

Mario Hermoso is part of that generation of players with which Luis Enrique intends to renew the National Team. Although the B team that lined up against Bosnio did not fully convince, it won the match and that is always a good start. Beautiful is enters the options that manages Fought to occupy the place that left Piqué with his march of the Selection. To be his first clash with the national team, he has taken a giant step forward to run as one of the strong candidates to be the heir of Gerard.

Mario Hermoso makes an entry with the National Team against Bosnia


At his side he was Diego Llorente, another power station Factory and that also fulfilled in front of those of Prosinecki. Both Real and Hermoso completed the 90 minutes, a good sign considering that on the bench there were more veteran players and also defensive as Iñigo Martínez or Azpilicueta (This one came in for the injured Jonny). Luis Enrique despite everything he was happy Gran Canaria and as he said at a press conference “this Spain looks good”.

Real Madrid, attentive to its debut with the National Team

Real Madrid, of course, does not lose sight of the future of the National team's defense. Mario Hermoso takes time in his schedule and is that his journey at Espanyol has allowed him to grow a lot to a player who already pointed ways in the white quarry, but he needed to 'fly out of the nest' to fully mature his football. Said and done. Two summers ago he left La Fábrica and this Sunday he was debuting with the National Team.

Surely from Real Madrid did not miss eye of what Mario Hermoso did in his debut with Spain. One more point in favor of their possible recovery is that in the white club they know they have the option of bringing their pearl back for only 7.5 million euros, a bargain considering their quality and projection and what other European clubs could pay.

The problems with the injuries in this beginning of season in the defense have alerted Real Madrid. It takes a piece more or that is the feeling that takes taking into account that Vallejo has not yet debuted this season and the injury history of Varane, which force him to stop from time to time. Beautiful, at the moment, is alien to the rumors. “I do not know if there is interest from Madrid, I am very happy at Espanyol,” he said as he left the stadium on Sunday. It will not take long to find the answer.

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