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On Thursday night we could see the program on the air The beach bar presented by Josep Pedrerol, a sports program in which various debates about sport in Spain, more specifically football, are opened. One of the debates was whether Neymar I should go back to the Spanish League and what it would entail for the team.

Possible return of Neymar

It is reverting to the possibility that Neymar current player of PSG and ex-player of FC Barcelona, returned to Spain to play in our league, but the question is: If I came back for who would sign ?, the most famous names are the white team at the head of Santiago Solari and his old team FC Barcelona with Ernesto Valverde

The Brazilian player has not yet spoken of these conjectures that are slowly taking shape. Who if they have pronounced are some tertulianos, giving their sincere opinion before all the spectators.

There were different opinions on this subject, one of them was the one Alfredo Duro declaring that “Neymar does not deserve to return to Barça or play in a team like Real Madrid.”

Mbappé with Neymar, in a PSG match.


But he did not stay here, he continued saying: “They have shown Madrid and Barcelona to be above Neymar player and it seems to me that Neymar's behavior exhausts any debate”, with these harsh declarations they passed the baton to Edu Aguirre affirming that for him it would be for the part of Barcelona “a drop of pants” and that Madrid would be good to sign him.

Less than two years in France and already talk about the return of Neymar to Spain and the possibility that Neymar is in the starting lineup of either of the two teams, will play with Messi and Luis Suarez, or will be expected '9' that Real Madrid is waiting for?

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