Neymar hurts against Cameroon

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Marco Asensio It was put in the focus of the most critical after its controversial statements where it was erased from the players who had to take a step forward. A few words that have given much of himself, even their own colleagues have come to think of them as Lucas Vázquez. However, the Mallorcan player has granted an interview to the newspaper BRAND where he wanted to clarify the whole issue about pulling the car or hiding.

Edu Aguirre came to The beach bar eager to defend one of the greatest pearls of Spanish football and the Real Madrid. The '20' has been the number one target of the critics after those statements, but the tertulian has defended the young player: “Asensio may or may not leave things but has never hidden.” This campaign has two goals, one in The league before him Spanish and another one in Copa del Rey before him Melilla.

Another topic of great interest is the future of Neymar. The Brazilian player plays the season next week against the Liverpool, and everything seems to indicate that he will not be able to be, since he retired injured on Tuesday of the match of his selection against Cameroon. If he PSG falls removed from the Champions League, his output would be sung, but Edu Aguirre is not so clear: “it may be that Neymar has gone from ready and now no one wants him.”

Neymar hurts against Cameroon


A possible return to Spain

The speculations generated with a possible return to Spain are situations of debates in The beach bar. But Edu Aguirre is clear that Neymar “has not done anything to come to Madrid” and has already said “no” twice to the merengue team. Before its possible return to Barcelona, the tertuliano is clear that the '10' and his father “have laughed at the club.”

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