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Zinedine Zidane entered fully into the history of Real Madrid and of world football when, in the 45th minute, the Frenchman rained a ball from the sky and sent it straight to the squad, giving the advantage to the team trained by Vicente del Bosque, finally, and leave an image in the retinas that has become the most famous goal in the history of the European continental competition.

What less people know is what happened before Zidane finished, who put the center or how was the play. The current coach of Real Madrid, Santiago Hernán Solari Y Roberto Carlos, they are the ones who know best how was the play that led to the goal that made them champions, and they told it to ESPN in a video in which they exhibit the humor that characterizes them.

Both were on the lawn of Glasgow that night and they were the ones who cooked the play. First Solari, explains that he was the left hand and Roberto Carlos the left side, but that “the reality was the other way around” in reference to which he had to cover the position of the Brazilian when he joined the attack.

“The most talented put together the play and the more trunks define it”

“The most talented put together the play and the more trunks define it,” says Solari on that goal, because it was the two who cooked that occasion. Solari put a ball to the back of the defense to the career of Roberto Carlos, “what happened I gave you,” jokes the coach.

Santiago Solari smiling


Solari laughs at Roberto Carlos who was “a bit slow at the time”. “It was slow”, answered the Brazilian, who added that “the German who was on my side was two meters tall”, “if I control a ball he sends me to the stands”, he continues.

Roberto Carlos reached that ball and put a very high center, and as the Brazilian explains, “when I passed the ball I thought it was him (Solari) who had made the move”, to which Solari jokes that “with luck was not me”. “A bad center comes out and the perfect ball falls on the not-so-good foot of Zizou,” said the Brazilian.

“He had to come and hug us”

Roberto Carlos Photo. Twitter (@ Oficial_RC3)

Roberto Carlos Photo. Twitter (@ Oficial_RC3)

What happened after everyone knows, although the ex-players of Real Madrid remember him with a smile, hesitating that the French hits with the tibia, but both agree that it was a “great goal”. “Very few times have I seen such a beautiful goal,” concludes Roberto Carlos, while Solari says that “what is playing with great players, because I throw a pass that with any other player does not reach the center. he directed and then Zidane put it in. “

“The play was all ours, we made the goal,” says the Brazilian left back, “and over Zizou went to the other side, I do not know why, he had to come and hug us,” confirms Solari, who remembers the feeling that “you are witnessing something historic”.

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