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The Real Madrid renewed Solari for the remainder of the season and the next due to his great performance in the first four games he has played with the Merengue team. The Argentine coach will take advantage of the break to adjust details, while several commentators from the Partidazo of COPE They discredited the arrival of the Argentine with several statements that would not have been good for Solari.

“Solari comes from rebound, because it comes from rebound after Lopetegui. But hey, it's a gesture from Real Madrid to him, “he said. Maldini to know the official statement of Real Madrid and the one that confirmed the Argentine for the next seasons. After his arrival, he became the best start for a coach at Real Madrid with 15 goals in favor and 2 against. In addition in the two days of League that has been in the bench has diminished the disadvantage with the equipment that was above.

“It's true that the calendar has not been difficult, but he has made decisions, he has changed the drawing, he has moved things, he has given minutes to Vinicius, has sat Isco Y Asensio. The substitution of Isco should not be easy to manage, “confirmed Maldini, who praises the skill of the coach in proposing new things and try to shake the cocktail shaker to return to the path of victory and recover a punch, which at times with the Basque coach , I was lost.

Vinicius with his trainer Santiago Solari


Asensio and his step forward

“Asensio has potential, but he does not play because he's not doing the level lately, he can not say that, he's clearly wrong, he does not seem to have the level to be at Real Madrid, it seems to me a weakness,” Maldini concluded. I did not agree with Asensio's last words about his role in the squad and the responsibility of each player.

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