Sergio Ramos celebrates his penalty goal against Croatia

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Everyone against him Real Madrid or, in this case, all against Sergio Ramos. Attacking the captain has become very easy. It's fashion and they get on the car one after the other. After the end of Kiev He has had to endure a strong campaign against him that is as abusive as it is unjustified. Months of attacks that border on the ridiculous.

It is true that Sergio Ramos is a bomb-proof soccer player. He is more than seasoned in these battles, but he has been facing arbitration for years, which has earned him a bad reputation that does not belong to him. Expelling Ramos is always easier than doing it with the rest. And this is now used by his rivals, perhaps tired of seeing him lift Champions season after season.

Ramos, a captain of those who are no longer

Ramos is the personification of the word 'captain'. A profile of a player as unique as it is necessary, each time he steps on the field, a special aura surrounds him, the one that only great leaders have. With him everything is simpler. His companions play with the security of having their side with someone who will save their back forever. Fans expect him to appear when he is most needed. And he does it That is Sergio Ramos. The captain that everyone would like to have, but, since he can not multiply, is mistreated because he belongs to Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos celebrates his penalty goal against Croatia


The shield of this club and Sergio Ramos go hand in hand. They know what it is to row against wind and tide. Bear the rival envy. But they always find a way to close their mouths and swim in that stream of criticism to reach their goal. You just have to take a look at his track record to see that Ramos can not be underestimated: four Champions League, four Suspenders, two Copas del Rey, two Euro Cups and a world, that without counting almost another ten titles between Super Cups Y Club World Cups.

Lovren, that champion of the French Cup

What's wrong with it Lovren? A Cup of France. But also a final of the World Cup and another of Champions, both lost, the last against Sergio Ramos. It has been kept since then. As Karius. What the German goalkeeper is worthy of study (and not that of Massachusetts who revealed to the world his 'commotion') How do you try to justify that you burdened the most important party of the decade for your club? Yes, attacking Sergio Ramos. That must have thought the good of Leave when asked about his low state of form.

Elbow of Lovren to Sergio Ramos. Photo: Instagram (@ dejanlovren06)

Elbow of Lovren to Sergio Ramos. Photo: Instagram (@ dejanlovren06)

“Sergio Ramos has many more errors than me, but he plays for Real Madrid, when he makes a mistake, he wins 5-1 or 5-2, nobody cares about the mistake,” said the Croatian defender. He released the bomb with a clear intention: to seek the tickle of the Madrid captain. Ramos, old dog, responded as it hurts: with indifference. Lovren jumped into the field last Thursday with wounded pride. He went out to eat his 'enemy'. After that game, Lovren will be able to tell his grandchildren that one day he won Sergio Ramos and that he nudged him (“I killed him with my elbow”, he boasted). What I'd better not tell you is that he saw him raise with his own eyes an 'Orejona' and score a goal in the bathroom that gave him Spain to Croatia (6-0) two months ago.

The last one to join has now been Van Dijk, much more restrained than his partner net, but following that current anti Ramos. Meanwhile, the camero continues adding chapters to his epic. From minute 93 to the penalty Panenka. Both are already part of the epic career of this player that will last in the history of football. The Madridistas revel in the anger of mamporreros like Lovren. They have a true leader, of whom there is no longer.

The club and the dressing room do not doubt of Ramos

From the club they cover their captain until the end. This unfair campaign against his player is not understood. The rivals attack him and insult him. His companions respect him and flatter him. Luckily, many of them have come to his defense during the last days. Modric, captain of the Croatian team and therefore of Lovren, gave a wrench to the Liverpool in the pre-match against Spain. “Football has very little memory,” he answered when asked about criticizing Ramos.

Marcelo also referred to his captain during these days: “Sergio has helped me a lot”, breaking a spear in favor of Ramos. Another one that has spoken in public has been Lucas Vázquez, who this Friday said that “the race of Ramos speaks for itself”, and it does not lack reason. The costumes are a communion around the figure of their great captain.

The tranquility that Sergio Ramos can have is that the day he retires all his rivals will snort calmly. And they may recognize that they never faced anyone like him. It will be then when his name becomes a legend. A legend that is recognized in Real Madrid.

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