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The Real Madrid has 13 European Cups. The Barcelona has 5. 13-5 = 8. The Real Madrid takes to Barcelona 2 European Cups more than he took out in the 60 and all this despite the cycle Messi, in which the Catalan club has the services of what could be (Di Stéfano apart) the best player in the history of football. There is, therefore, nothing to doubt the international supremacy of the Chamartín club over Barça, but there is one aspect in which those in the little corner up there (as he said Guardiola) far surpass Real Madrid on a planetary scale: propaganda.

Good sample of it was the report of the BBC few days before the last Classic in the Ciudad Condal. With the excuse of celebrating the summit of Spanish football, the British public broadcaster produced on its website a historical account, with testimonies of the protagonists, of the famous Classic of the suckling pig, in which Figo it was the object of the most hostile reception that is remembered for anyone in the recent history of elite football. The reason, of course, was the still recent passage of Figo from FC Barcelona to the eternal rival. It is called “the Piglet Classic” as it could be called “the Classic of the JB“, as also a bottle of whiskey of that brand was thrown on the Portuguese from the stands, with the good fortune that it did not impact him. Justerini & Brooks and a host of other objects that to the BBCAs will be seen, they do not seem more than an understandable act of retrospective love. Yes, they read well.

The game was a challenge to the very concept of security in football stadiums and, through an unusual fever of collective violence, there was also a manifest manipulation of the clash at a sporting level, and therefore of competition. What else can be said about a game in which the usual pitcher of corners of a team has to give up its mission because of the rain of objects that fall on him as soon as he approaches the corner? The report, however, was an attempt to whiten absolutely nauseating a shameful stain in the history of the sport, as it was undoubtedly the night in question for any viewer with a minimum of attachment to football as a peaceful spectacle and suitable for all the publics

“Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: the curious incident of the piglet head in the Camp Nou“That is the title.” No promising for any lover of decency is a title that only dares to describe as “curious” an episode as installed in the ignominy as that, but someone has to keep reading, and I'll be the one do for you to inform them that Anna Blasco, a spectator present in the stadium, qualifies as “spectacular” the evening. “I have never experienced anything like it, nor before and after,” the good woman continued to be elated, in order to continue praising details of the animated one as one who consigns a beautiful collective feat: “Manel Vich, the speakerHe paused intentionally when he came to Figo's name when he announced the alignments, so that the audience could boo. That sound … “That sound was music to my ears, I need to say to Anna, swollen with a kind of aggressive arrogance, if such a thing fits.

“We are talking about a country that was suffering a dictatorship not so long ago.” Who inevitably sheds political light (of course) on the matter is none other than the commentator Michael Robinson, who continues: “Barcelona is'More than a club'for its space in Catalan society, and there are political connotations for the bad treatment of Frank to the region. So Figo committed the greatest possible betrayal by signing for Real Madrid. “Astute (or not so much) way of taking for granted the Franco-Real Madrid connection, this despite the fact that Real Madrid had to be satisfied with a Generalissimo Cup since his victory in the civil war and until 1954 (14 years), this was despite the fact that it was Barcelona and not Real Madrid who twice decorated the caudillo for saving the club from bankruptcy with the urban redevelopment of its lands. The (false to no longer able) black legend of the Franco-Real Madrid connection is the leitmotiv of the culé propaganda to which we refer, and which presents Barcelona as the maximum champion of freedoms.

Figo, in a match with Real Madrid.

The ex-player is now appearing Michael Reitziger, who perhaps naively portrays Barcelona in his political impulses more than anyone outside the club: “When you play at Barça, you play for all Catalans, when you play against Madrid you play representing everything that Barça is”. Once again, the absolute incarnation of everything Catalan by Barça is imposed as an indisputable truth (is there, for example, the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol?), with what the Madrid, of instantaneous way, is located in the opposite political end for more than the Real Madrid is never positioned politically.

We were few and that's why he is now in action (we are still talking about the report BBCthe ineffable Joan Gaspart: “I do not say that Figo had a provocative attitude, but they will understand that if a player tries to take a corner … In any case, none of the objects that were thrown at him shocked him”. It is undoubtedly the highlight total of the report, to the point where it becomes difficult to contain the nausea. It is the best thing that occurs to say to the then president of Barcelona before the serious problem of public order that he had taken care of creating, promoting by all possible channels a reception for Figo like he had. Pretend (pretend!) To throw a corner not as a provocation, but almost. And better yet: have to say thank you because the bottle of JB did not reach your chrism to send you to the other neighborhood.

Michael Robinson returns: “It was the whiskey bottle, it was the piglet's head … It almost looks like a lynching, but I prefer to see it in another completely different way. (…) I've told Figo himself: it's just a testament of how much they loved you, they could not have reacted like that if they had not loved you. ” Let's finish It was all an act of love. Who loves you will make you cry and such. The abuser who knows perfectly what his prey of the beating of today needs: it hurts me more than you. Of course, Michael Robinson: you see it in a completely different way, in a way that will not match that of many well-born people.

I do not know how many people would read this emetic story on the BBC website. I do not know how many people (but presumably many) will have read and taken seriously this retrospective sweetening of a nefarious day like that. It seems very strange to me that a medium of such prestige spontaneously chooses a subject like that, and even more so that it gives it that infamous bias. I have no proof that it is a subsidized report, but it is the most plausible hypothesis. It is known that the Catalan government has paid for international campaigns of the separatist cause. Barcelona is a propaganda element of this cause. I have no evidence, I insist, but everything would fit very well in terms of modus operandi. Not having proof does not mean being an idiot.

I do not know, I say, how many people read the website of the BBC but I do know how many people see Netflix. Netflix It is a platform with close to 100 million subscribers. In Netflix can be found in reportage, called Barça dreams, in which types like Gary Lineker they openly link Madrid with the Franco regime. 100 million people are exposed and disarmed today to that hoax, launched by subjects that have apparent credibility. BBC Y Netflix they are just an example. Through social networks, Madridistas in Latin America continually complain about the filter filoculé of chain communicators like ESPN Y DirectTV. There are children in England or in Mexico or Singapore who, when choosing sports films, play with inputs as those who reach them in all directions, namely: Madrid is a big lie supported by a dictator, at the service of the powers that be and who wins thanks to the referees, while Barça plays for the disadvantaged and for subjugated nations, as the Catalan.

I know that at Real Madrid they are aware of this reality. The Real Madrid is the most important sports brand on the planet. It is perhaps indestructible but it is not as if the attacks it receives did not make a dent: they do it. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, greatly enhances its profile with these campaigns. It is up to Real Madrid to take note and act. And he is doing it.




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