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Marco Asensio has become one of the protagonists of the moment after the controversial statements to #we go. The '20' of Real Madrid has assured that he does not have to pull the white team's car, since there are other players with more stripes and who have been in the club for more years. This has provoked endless opinions and Josep Pedrerol has given his particular vision in The Editorial of Jugones.

Catalan journalist believes that Asensio has been wrong to say that, as it shows not only lack of ambition, but also that does not self-criticism: “You've been wrong, Asensio.” Real Madrid wants players to take their mistakes. Real Madrid wants players who throw their backs, Asensio. “

Josep Pedrerol highlighted afterwards that age is no barrier to being a great star, others before the Mallorcan footballer reached the top at his age or even younger – the case of Raul, Sergio Ramos or also Casillas in Real Madrid or Mbappé Y Messi in the European panorama-. “A football player from Madrid does not have his DNI. You do not look at the age. A Madrid footballer is valued for quality and personality. The big ones are 20 years old, with 25 or 35 “, the presenter continued.

You need a winning mentality

Pride, winning mentality, in addition to the quality that has inborn. “Asensio, to play in Madrid you have to have pride. You have to take criticism. You have to fight every day to improve. The most important thing: to do self-criticism and not point to the comrades, Asensio. Criticizing others you do not win the costumes. Asensio generated a lot of enthusiasm with his arrival, a lot. It has all the quality of the world to succeed. Asensio could be a star, without a doubt. But for that you need to think about soccer 24 hours a day. To be a star lack the mentality of the winner, Asensio, “Pedrerol advised Madrid.

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