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Vinicius Junior (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) it arrived in summer at Real Madrid after reaching the age of majority. The carioca represents that new batch of players who were born in the new millennium and who are starting to gain a foothold in football. The white club always saw in it a pearl to take care of and polish because it was called to dominate the future.

However, the delicate situation that Madrid is going through has caused the alternative in the Santiago Bernabeu has been advanced. The Brazilian has burst in force in the middle of a crisis, just as they did before Raul or Casillas in the white club or Messi at Barcelona Soccer Club. In hard moments, nothing better than a new face to excite the fans. Vinicius, in the same way as the aforementioned legends, has knocked down the door and threatens to implant a new era.

At just 18 years old he has already got into the always difficult public of the white coliseum in his pocket. He is the new spoiled child of Real Madrid. The footballer for whom amateurs sigh and who begin to idolize. His film at Real Madrid seems written at the moment by the best of the writers. Even without scoring, the goal against Valladolid at the end it was Kiko Olivas in own door, it manages to shake the team and the stadium with its single presence. And it is that, when it seemed that a new puncture could come in The league, Vinicius appeared to give an important victory to the merengue team and, above all, to Solari.

The beardless forward was quick to embrace the Argentine coach. This Real Madrid is yours, after all. The one of a technician who promotes from the Castile with the intention of staying and that of a different footballer who needs the full confidence of his coach to grow on the field. Solari welcomed the carioca in the branch and made him shine. Even though he was exercising with the first team, during the Lopetegui he only found the love of the minutes in Second B with which, curiously, now he has also become his boss in the first team.

The parallel paths of Vinicius and Solari

The story of Vinicius seems to go hand in hand with that of Solari. A couple that has resurrected Real Madrid in just one week. One with his quality and the impudence of his youth, and the other from the bench and with a clear message in the press room. Barely a week ago, Vinicius saw The classic from the stands to stay out of the call and Solari directed the Castilla against Fuenlabrada. Life changed for them, just as they have made Madrid smile again.

Solari embraces Vinicius after the goal against Valladolid


The illusion transmitted by Vinicius must be accompanied by the patience that so often does not exist in the world of football and more in Real Madrid. He is only 18 years old and his electricity must be regulated. For now, he has managed to change the face of the team with only 20 minutes on the field against Valladolid. That is already a lot, but even if you wait much longer, deadlines are also important in a pearl like the Brazilian.

Vinicius is not Pele, at least still, but his desire and his football have already managed to conquer the Santiago Bernabéu. Since today it is 'O Rei' of Madrid. A throne that seeks owner after the march of Cristiano Ronaldo last summer to the Juventus. It is early to name him absolute king, although there is no doubt that he is an excellent crown prince. For now: 'Vini', vidi and vici.

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