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Real Madrid returns to tranquility at the hands of Solari. The 'drama' lived during the bad spell that ended up loading Lopetegui's position seems forgotten, but rumors about a possible new tenant on the bench are still around.

While Solari continues to accumulate victories, the Argentine has not been confirmed in his position and continues with his interim profile, despite having won the support of club, costumes and fans. That is why they continue to link names such as Roberto Martínez, Belgium coach, with Real Madrid.

The rumors with Roberto Martínez

One of his pupils in the selection, Axel Witsel, football player of Borussia Dortmund, has referred to the situation of the Spanish coach and the rumors that surround him: “I'm not surprised that a club like Madrid wants it, after all the great work that we have done with him in recent years, and especially in the World Cup, “he says about his coach.

Roberto Martínez and Witsel


It does not rule out an exit of 'Bob' Martinez of the selection and is that as Witsel points out, “nowadays, coaches are like players”. To which he adds: “One day we are here and in six months, a year or two, no longer”.

Finally, he has shown his fear that this will end up happening: “If it is true of the interest of Madrid and wants to leave, he should be frank with us, we are very happy with him and his philosophy, if we lose him, it will be a great loss for us. “he concluded. Still, it seems difficult that Real Madrid choose to make another change of coach considering that Solari is still unbeaten. the results accompany him and he has achieved what seemed impossible: to recover the confidence inside the locker room.




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