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In an interview to The Gazzetta dello Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo He brought out his sincere side by talking about his father's death in 2005 or about his new life in Italyand he had words for Real Madrid, comparing the situation that lives in the Juventus with his stage in the merengue set.

The Portuguese said that the Real Madrid were humble, but that in the whole of Turin they are more. These words have not liked many Real Madrid fans and so he has expressed Alfredo Duro in The beach bar who asked the Portuguese a question: “What have we done to you?” asked the socialist.

The declarations of the Luso star have not liked in the Real Madrid and the tertuliano made reference to what the Madridista had done to him so that now it spoke of the club as if it had not been important for him. Duro went further and stated that “Cristiano with Madrid is like a Chinese drop”.

Alfredo was very upset with the attitude of the Portuguese player and said that the issue he launched is something that “Real Madrid asks”, because he does not understand the constant attacks and always compare the situation of the two clubs, someone that their elders successes he has achieved with the merengue shirt, proof of this are his four Champions League in five years dressed in white.

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