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Toni Kroos is a fundamental player for the scheme of every coach that has had him in the Real Madrid. The German treasures a brilliant vision of game and capacity for the long distance passes, all of them directed with millimetric precision. However, an injury keeps him away from the playing fields, and he has granted an interview to Esquire where he has revealed his most intimate side as a merengue footballer.

German midfielder Toni Kroos during the match against Eibar


One of the questions that had to answer the '8' of the set of Concha Espina it was who he considered to be his best friend in the locker room. The answer of the German had something of doubt, although finally it was decided by a name:I do not have one in particular, but for example Lucas Vázquez He is a very funny guy. I have a very good relationship with him. The atmosphere in the dressing room is good with the whole team. Of course it's always better when you win than when you lose. “

Later, Toni Kroos was asked about his usual routine, once he has played his match with Real Madrid. Faced with this, the German midfielder answered sharply: “Together with my wife, I am in charge of preparing everything to take the children to school, this is our normal day, I spend it with my family, there is no specific plan, I am simply the people I love. “

An uncertain future

In addition, he has also made it clear that football will always be his passion, but he also wants to enjoy life as much as possible: “I like to play football, but I do not like being in public places where everyone knows me. is to continue playing for many years and then live life.The next thing I do may be related to football, because it is the world I know best, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do in the future”.

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