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Isco Alarcón is the great signaled of the staff of the Real Madrid after his last performances on the playing fields. The Malaga midfielder exhausted the patience of the respectable Santiago Bernabeu last Wednesday, where in addition to the heavy defeat in Champions by 0-3 before the CSKA Moscow, was not at all successful with the decisions he made. Even so, there is a sector that continues to maintain its hopes intact in the '22' white, confident that it will be the decisive player of previous seasons.

Isco Alarcón fights a ball with the Brazilian CSKA Moscow defender, Rodrigo Becao


In the analysis on this subject made in The spar, Antón Meana has assured that it is not a problem that has no solution, but everything depends on the attitude and commitment shown by Isco when he has the opportunity again: “This can be easily fixed by scoring a goal or setting a good performance, the People will continue to be from Isco, and there is enough quality to turn this situation around. “

In addition, the honey Creek He dedicated a controversial gesture to the Madrid fans after not taking advantage of a good chance to score against CSKA. This has not taken long to go viral and raise all kinds of speculation, and Meana has confirmed that we should not give it much importance: “For me it is a normal gesture and football, you can be wrong for the moment, but it is not to crucify” .

Solari, much better than Lopetegui

Finally, the sports journalist has also leaned in favor of the management of Solari as a coach, ensuring that he has a much better role than the one he played Lopetegui: “I like Santi, both directing from the band and at press conferences, accept the challenge and sometimes it can go wrong, Madrid has to be one hundred percent in February for the Champions League and is not disconnected either. of The league. The team has benefited from the change of coach and Solari improves Julen in all aspects “.

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