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The defeat of Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu by 0-3 before the CSKA on the last day of the group stage of the Champions League, left many doubts and several pointed out in the merengue set. The Madrid fans did not leave the stadium happy and in what seemed to be a minor match, it was a real nightmare for some.

Isco Alarcón He was one of them. The malagueño missed a clear opportunity and after that move came the moment of mismatch. The Malaga devoted a few words is unclear if the fans or the area judge and from there the audience gave him loud beeps every time he touched the ball.

In The beach bar They debated at length about the situation of the footballer in the set of Concha Espina, Y D'Alessandro He wanted to advise Malaga and said that if it was '22' “I would leave Madrid.” The truth is that the player is not at his best level and should improve if he wants to change his situation in the merengue set.

The Argentine said he would recommend the white midfielder to go “anywhere” if they continue to treat him like that in the merengue club, although it should be remembered that even the biggest have been called at the Santiago Bernabéu and many have been able to reverse the situation. Conditions do not exceed the honey Creek, but after his operation Appendicitis is not in shape and his actions have not been up to the task.

Before him Melilla it seemed that he could be on the right track, but in this last match of the group stage of European competition he did not look well. In addition to Malaga, the rest of the team was not too successful, but the positive thing is that they are in the next phase as first group and are still alive in all competitions.

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