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New controversy Isco at Real Madrid. This time, a gesture dedicated, presumably, to the stands has led to a divorce, at least for the time being, of footballers and fans. The Andalusian player did not speak to the media after the meeting of the Champions League against him CSKA, but it did Marcelo who returned to point publicly to his roommate.

Juanma Castaño started The Partidazo noting that what happened in the Santiago Bernabéu it had been a “petardazo of Real Madrid before the CSKA of Moscow in the Champions”. Afterwards, the Spaniard gave his opinion about what happened to Isco Alarcón in the match corresponding to the sixth day of the group stage.

“There is a problem with Isco Marcelo has not thrown a cable to Isco in a complicated day, I think there is a sector of clothing that is not right with Isco,” said the journalist after hearing the statements of the Brazilian side and second captain of the set Meringue. “There is a disconnection between Marcelo and Isco, because they have not even spoken after the game,” he said. COPE chain.

Isco Alarcón and Jesús Vallejo


Many have claimed that Isco's gesture was dedicated to one of the members of the arbitration body. Nevertheless, some images published in the last hours make believe that it is not like that and that the soccer player faces with a sector of the liking. “Given the images, it seems clear that he is facing the stands,” said Castaño. A confrontation that can cost you dearly honey Creek.

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