Isco Alarcón celebrates with his teammates, his goal against Melilla

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The day of this Thursday, December 6 has been presented as placid for Isco Alarcón and to Marco Asensio. Both players started from the start in the return meeting of the Copa del Rey before him Melilla, with the need to vindicate himself before his fans. Greater pressure on himself is the one that had the malagueño, because after falling off the call in Champions before the Rome, a great speculation has arisen around him.

Isco Alarcón celebrates with his teammates, his goal against Melilla


However, the '22' white faced his first title with Solari commanding and I was not going to waste the opportunity. In addition to tasting the ball, he scored two goals, which were to arrive in the second 45 minutes. Regarding the situation of Isco with the Argentine coach, Enrique Ortego has given his opinion on the microphones of The Transistor: “I do not believe that Solari is being unfair to him, this Thursday he has claimed the best possible way.”

And is that the honey Creek I was in need of it. When jumping to the field of play in the last league commitment of Real Madrid against him Valencia, his figure was seen again marked by a controversial image that accused his physique and his current state of form. In fact, the next day, the player himself uploaded a story to his Instagram asking if he was fat, publishing a picture without a shirt and showing the abs.

Double claim needed

After all this speculation, Isco has returned to dressing short before the Melilla and has put back on foot the Santiago Bernabeu with his performance. On the other hand, Marco Asensio has also set a sensational match with another double. The Spaniard has also been criticized his figure in recent days, accused of his performance and the statements that he did not have to be the one pulling the car. However, both players have shown to be perfectly capable of this, and it is only a matter of time that Solari gives each one the importance he deserves in the team.

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