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“Isco, this song does not play now, I like a lot of footballers, but I especially like Barcelona's, we have a great squad, they are the ones that are worth at the moment and we can not think of anything else”.

“Levante is a good opponent and the tie is good, we also face this week before going on vacation, we face it with the respect we have for all the teams that are in the hype, it can be a dangerous opponent if you are not attentive to the competition. “

“We have not talked about the possibility of facing Real Madrid, you can think of many things inside, but nothing else, what you think is wrong now in January, after vacations, just like nougat, can come differently. upside down”.

“He's in a lot of competitions, help and everything that helps is good, they're deciding a lot of decisions and I think it's good.”




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