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This Monday was not quiet in the environment of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese decided to attack the Real Madrid in an interview in the Gazzetta dello Sport, where he admitted that “in other places, someone feels bigger than the others, but here they are all in the same line, they are humble and want to win. Dybala or Mandzukic they do not mark, they are still happy and they smile. It is beautiful and I feel the difference. In Madrid they are humble but here I feel they are more “.

In The beach bar the debate was tense, but Rocío Burgos He took action and criticized the Portuguese forward for his words in the Italian media: “Cristiano's ambition is half defect, half virtue, and what he is doing is disappointing.” Cristiano's words since leaving the Spanish capital have not I have been the most appropriate and it seems disappointing what Cristiano is doing, he is wrong, it is unfair. “

The Portuguese star admits that since his arrival in Italy he is happy and admitted that “it is not fair to mention only some, but I can say that this is the best group I have played in. Here we are a team”. Some attacks that the tertuliana does not understand, confirming that “Cristiano attacks Real Madrid, he does not have to compare with anyone to say he is comfortable in Juve”.

Cristiano Ronaldo in his clash against Inter Milan


Christian and his welcome

Rocío Burgos maintains that the '7' is happy in Turin, but the clearest reason for this situation for the tertuliana is that “how will you have friction in Juve if you just arrived and is Cristiano Ronaldo, did you have them in Madrid in its first year? The fans received it as in Italy ” Everything seems to indicate that the Portuguese striker does not want to keep many friends in Spain.

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