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Marcos Llorente is one of the players most benefited by the arrival of Solari, with whom you are taking advantage of the Casemiro to take a gap in the eleven and show a high level of play in the last victories of the Real Madrid.

Precisely in the last game, against the Valencia, Marcos Llorente took on the title role again and took a step forward, setting a great game and showing that he has the level required to be in a club like Real Madrid.

In the 71st minute of the match, in a ball won by the white team in the central zone, it boasts an excellent ball outing combining with several teammates until it ends in a wall with which it gains its back to the side and steps on the area, serving the ball at the arrival of Asensio from the other flank that, with bad luck, crashes the ball in Piccini.

The goal of Paco Llorente at the Santiago Bernabéu 29 years ago that Marcos Llorente imitated

The surprise has come when his uncle, 'Toñín' Llorente, former Real Madrid basketball player, has shared a video on his social networks in which his brother appears, Paco Llorente, father of the current merengue player, making a move traced to his son's.

The last of a long saga

It was the same band from Santiago Bernabeu the one that saw father and son run, with the difference that the first of them ended in the goal of the player who received inside the area, while Asensio is thrown over quickly and can not finish comfortably.

Marcos Llorente is the latest in a series of athletes that seems to have no end. It all started with the legendary player Paco Gento, who is the uncle of his father Paco Llorente. Both his father and uncle July played in Real Madrid football, while his uncles' Toñín 'and'Joe'They did it in basketball. In addition, his cousin Sergio Llorente is base in the UCAM Murcia, of ACB League.

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