Modric poses with his teammates with the Golden Ball

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The Grand Palais of Paris it will always be engraved in the retinas of Luka modric as the place where he received his first Golden Ball. An award that has a very special meaning for him, because it serves to recognize his great last year and his entire career, as well as to break a legacy between Cristiano Ronaldo Y Leo Messi. The Croatian has been able to share the prize with his colleagues from Real Madrid in Valdebebas, of which he has received his most sincere congratulations.

Modric poses with his teammates with the Golden Ball

Although there is a wide variety of opinions both for and against, Roberto Morales He has not hesitated to surrender to Modric in The beach bar, without forgetting those who underestimate the position of Leo Messi in his career for the trophy: “Messi did not touch him, Modric is being disrespected, the Golden Ball is super-deserved”.

On the other hand, the names of Antoine Griezmann and of Diego Pablo Simeone They were not going to go unnoticed by Morales either. Following the statements of the coach of the Atlético de Madrid that his player was worthy of the award, the tertulian has not hesitated to charge against him: “Simeone's message to the press is also reflected on the field, it is a secondary message.” And he considers that there are other French players like Kylian Mbappé who have long won the race for the trophy.

An argument that leaves much to be desired

Therefore, he has made it clear that Simeone's message is no longer valid in the media, and that the Atlético coach should focus on his purely sporting efforts. Morales considers that he has players at the level of teams like Real Madrid or the Barcelona, and having managed to raise the rojiblanco team to a higher level is in the background when making these types of statements.

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