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Luka modric breaks a decade of monotony at the gala Golden Ball. The successor of Cristiano Ronaldo, was awarded last Tuesday with this award that awards the best player in the world. Modric this year won his fourth Champions with the Real Madrid and was runner-up in the world with the Croatian national team.

This prize was well received by the fans of the Real Madrid and the Croatian fans and this is what the president of the Croatian national team said when she sent a message to Modric after receiving the award, but not so much for the mattress party.

The cholo' Simeone He spoke at a press conference about the award and the gala, making it clear that for him Modric did not deserve the prize, if not Griezmann or in any case Varane When asked why the rojiblanco team is absent of awards, the coach went straight to the award that won Keylor Navas in the 2013/2014 season to La Liga's best goalkeeper and then the prize The Best granted to Thibaut Courtois, implying that if the latter won it was having signed for Real Madrid.

Luka Modric Golden Ball 2018


“Simeone is wrong, Madrid signed Courtois because he was the best goalkeeper in the World Cup,” Pereiro said after hearing what the coach said about the Merengue goalkeeper who was discredited.

The absence of the former recipients

This was not the only thing that the tertuliano commented about the Golden Ball: “It is the players who have to give prestige to the Golden Ball going to the gala”, this assured Pereiro after checking the absence of Christian Y Messi at the gala, the Croatian was accompanied only by his colleagues Griezmann Y Mbappé. The absence of the Italian striker is surprising but expected, no surprise after the gala 'The Best ' when the Portuguese was not present because the prize was picked up by one of his former teammates.

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