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In spite of the repeated occasions in which he has repeated that he is happy in his current team, Mauricio Pochettino is still linked with the Real Madrid. However, now the white set is not the only one that is supposedly interested, since the Manchester United has joined the bid, according to the English press.

The coach of Tottenham He has been asked again about the possibility of changing the air in the not too distant future, and he has insisted on the same thing as always. “The most important thing is that I feel very happy here,” he said, noting that “Tottenham has given me the courage, I feel happy here at Tottenham because I feel the recognition for our work.

In addition, Pochettino has been grateful to the confidence shown by its president: “When Daniel Levy I extended my contract for five years, it is because I believed at that time that we are the best people to handle this boat and this club. It is an acknowledgment for us. The most important thing is how they make you feel at home. “

Mauricio Pochettino, on the Wembley bench


Do not think money is the most important thing

Probably, in another club Pochettino would earn more money and have more budget. However, the former Spanish He wanted to make it clear that this is not the most important thing for him. “I think the Tottenham has a clear idea about philosophy and methodology and, of course, trying to keep your best players, try to be competitive,” said the coach and added “that's why sometimes in football, of course , money is going to help, but it's not the most important thing. “





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