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Now that the bench of Manchester United seeks substitute after the march of Jose Mourinho, the name of Mauricio Pochettino already begins to sound in the English club. Several European clubs, which also include Real Madrid, would be interested in signing the Argentine for the next season if the coach finally decided to leave this summer Tottenham.

The Argentine coach is the favorite in Manchester for next year. Although yes Sosljkaer, who replaced the Portuguese on the bench, gets good results and is able to bring up the best Manchester United in the remainder of the season, may have options to continue in command. However, Pochettino is still in the plans of the Red Devils and Real Madrid.

The name of the ex-footballer to take charge of the merengue club already arose when Zinedine Zidane decided to leave the team after winning for the third consecutive time the Champions League in 2018. If the season of Solari does not curdle and he had to leave Real Madrid, Pochettino would enter without a doubt the plans of Florentino Pérez.

Daily Mail now ensures that both Real Madrid and Manchester United are willing to improve the current contract that joins the coach to London, and would offer the coach almost ten million euros per season, improving his current record.

Willing to stand before Levy

The Argentine is a technician who likes a lot in the Spanish capital, but his possible exit from Tottenham will not be easy to achieve. The president of the English club, Daniel Levy, he will not give his arm in the negotiations with any club interested in taking his coach. According to the English newspaper, Levy could ask for a figure close to 45 million euros to accept the departure of Pochettino.

But the English newspaper also ensures that the Argentine is not going to allow his future plans, if he finally decides to leave the London club, be difficult due to his good relationship with the president of the club. They have been working together since 2014, but if he finally decides to leave Tottenham, he is ready to stand up and make it clear to Levy that he wants to embark on a new professional career.

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