Final of the Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabéu

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The Conmebol at a crossroads on November 29 when the possibility of contesting the return of the final of the Libertadores at Santiago Bernabeu. Everything was born out of an informal conversation with Florentino Pérez, who did not hesitate to put the white stadium at the disposal of River Y Mouth for the dispute of the most important game in the history of South American football.

The stones, the fights and the shameful attacks with pepper gas that were lived in The Monumental they gave way to the flags, scarves and chants of both hobbies. Madrid gave a lesson on how a great event can be organized in just one week. A success of the city, of the State Security Forces and Bodies… and the Real Madrid.

Football should be a party and not a war between brave bars. The Santiago Bernabéu was the salvation for the Conmebol and for Argentina. River Plate took the Super classic most important, but Real Madrid was the true champion of the Libertadores Cup. A title that could never win for physical reasons, but that morally and honorably rests on its great story.

Final of the Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabéu


Florentino Pérez gave the white coliseum the only grand final that was missing and that already adds to that of the 1982 World, the of the Eurocopa 1964, four of the Champions and both of UEFA Cup that has sheltered. The firm application of the “story you made, history to be made” that reads the Madridista anthem and that has already become a mandatory norm for the club.

All the locals, meringues or not, can be proud of what will always be remembered as the endless end of the Libertadores. One more reason to brag, but also a teaching that violent people have no place in football. They are over.

The soccer showed again that it is the sport king by the fans and not by the ultras. In addition, the party will leave some 42 million euros of impact in Madrid, according to the calculations in the days before the grand final. An event that not only has not been a problem for the capital of Spain, but it has become an opportunity.

Everyone was looking at Madrid this Sunday. From Argentina to China followed with magnifying glass what happened in La Castellana. And, Florentino Pérez, with the offer of the stadium, has achieved the best image and tourism campaign for the city. A triumph Castizo and Spanish for the lesson of civility and fun that occurred in a day for history.

On December 9, 2018, Real Madrid won the Copa Libertadores. It will not come in his record, but in his legend. Being the best club in the world is not only achieved through titles. Don Santiago Bernabéu He showed the way and his legacy continues. These are the values ​​of Real Madrid.




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