Cristiano leaves crying after being sent off against Valencia

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The interview that Cristiano Ronaldo he convinced The Gazzetta dello Sport continues to talk. In The Partidazo of the COPE chain have discussed again about it after Florentino Pérez Y Santiago Hernán Solari have spoken publicly this Tuesday. The president of the Merengue team did not hesitate to send a message to his former player for almost a decade in the traditional Christmas lunch with the media.

Cristiano leaves crying after being sent off against Valencia


Paco González He has commented that he did not believe what he was reading. “I was ecstatic when I read that unlike in other teams, in the Juventus players like Mandzukic they rejoice even when they mark another. He, who did not go to celebrate with Sergio Ramos the goal of Lisbon“, he pointed surprised.

The journalist continued after assuring that precisely Christian “speak of humility is one thing …”. Throughout his career, the '7' has been criticized for his excess of pride and ego.

Point to Sergio Ramos

Paco González has commented that the words about which some believed themselves above the rest went in the direction of the captain of Beds. “I think I was going for Ramos, this summer they have crossed certain things,” he said in the radio program.

Finally, the journalist revealed that the Portuguese striker has discarded everything that linked him to the Spanish capital: “I think so, he has already sold everything he had in Madrid, not even the hotel he was going to build in the center. he's going to do it. “

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