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The Manchester City He is reluctant to let one of his biggest pearls go next winter. Is about Brahim Díaz and that is that the 19-year-old wants to leave at Real Madrid, since it ends contract in 2019 and could go free to the team that wants in winter.

The one that more interest has put for his arrival has been Real Madrid and everything indicates that he will wear white, as late as next summer. But City and Guardiola want to avoid this at all costs and, as indicated The Sun, they will make a final offer to Brahim which, obviously, would be the best proposal of the English club to his player.

The Catalan coach has already shown in public his intention to want to stay with Brahim and not to take the bags prematurely as Jadon Sancho that went in 2017 to Borussia Dortmund and now it's showing off week after week. And Brahim is convinced to repeat the 'Sancho formula' and has decided to go to Real Madrid.

Brahim Díaz celebrates a goal against Manchester City fans


Madrid plans to pay 10 million in January

The white club is presented with two options ahead: now pay a figure of around 10 million euros or wait until June and no other club has advanced or City has renewed. In England, in fact, they bet more for the first one since that way Madrid would avoid any problem and it is not a very high number either.

It remains to be seen how this story continues that within a month it could have an outcome. Brahim, who had already been offered a contract of 30,000 euros plus bonus per week, does not seem to convince him of its continuity in Manchester and is already preparing to return to Spain after leaving just being a child from Malaga.

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