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The arrival of Santi Solari to the dock Real Madrid It was not simple. The white set lived a stretch of difficult season. In the last matches with Julen Lopetegui they had only won one victory, which caused them to take the decision to dismiss him. However, the Argentine, with calm and work, has managed to turn the situation around.

Although the team's game has yet to improve, Solari has managed to win all the games that have played to date minus one, the Eibar. And to achieve this he has had to make difficult decisions, but they have paid off and have been endorsed with results.

Courtois is his goalkeeper

Julen Lopetegui decided to bet on interspersing Thibaut Courtois Y Keylor Navas in goal. The Belgian was the goalkeeper of The league and the Costa Rican that of the Champions League. However, Solari was clear that this situation had to end and from its first game decided to put one fixed under the sticks.

Courtois makes a save in Champions


Many fans asked Keylor to start, but Courtois was chosen, and the former Chelsea has shown that he was not wrong. The Belgian has set great performances in recent meetings that have avoided more than a scare merengue box, the last one, this same Saturday against Valencia, where he avoided a goal che.

Minutes to Vinicius

On arrival at the Argentinean bench, Vinicius I had only played in two games. Lopetegui had only put him a few minutes in front of the Atlético de Madrid and the Alavés, although the fans wanted to see more of the young promise. Solari knew him perfectly and knew what he could offer the staff.

Vinicius faces a rival during the game against Eibar

Vinicius faces a rival during the game against Eibar


That's why he has not hesitated to put him in the first team and leave behind his stage in the Castile. He has played in four of the six games, and has managed to score his first goal, against Valladolid. In addition, he also lived his first ownership, before the Melilla in Copa del Rey. So far Vinicius has played about 150 minutes with Solari, for the 15 he had played with Lopetegui.

The ownership Marcos Llorente

Another of the great oblivions by Julen Lopetegui had been Marcos Llorente. The midfielder only played a game with the Basque coach, and only participated in the last ten minutes. Solari had the midfielder as soon as he arrived, giving him the title against Melilla.

Marcos Llorente, during the match against Roma. Photo: Twitter (@marcosllorente)

Marcos Llorente, during the match against Roma. Photo: Twitter (@marcosllorente)

After this game, it seemed that it was going back to the background, but in recent games it has shown that it was not like that. After a long period without playing, opted for Llorente for the eleven against the Rome, and did not disappoint. He repeated this Saturday against Valencia, finishing putting him in the dynamics of the team and being, at last, a useful player of the squad.

The role of Ceballos

Dani Ceballos The season started very well. The Andalusian midfielder was an important player for Lopetegui, but with the passage of the games he lost prominence, until he was left out of the squad The classic. Now Solari has wanted to rescue the Sevillian.


The former Betis he has recovered that important role at the beginning of the season. He is one of the most fit players in the team and has again shown the level that led him to sign for Real Madrid.

The Isco substitution

Undoubtedly, the most courageous decision of Solari and the one that has stirred the most is the substitution of Isco Alarcón. The malagueño, after his appendicitis operation, was not living his best moment. Neither his performance nor his fitness was the best, which made the Argentine send him to the bench.

Isco laments a failed occasion

Isco laments a failed occasion


But, what has caused more comments is the decision to leave him out of the final call for the match against the Rome. However, despite everything that has been said, Solari will remain firm in his decision. That does not mean that Isco, who has answered the doubts about his fitness, will not return to being a starter, since the Argentine, when he sees him fully prepared, will be part of the eleven again as he was in the past .





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