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The Icardi soap opera goes for long. Everything indicated that the Argentine was going to sign the renewal, Wanda Nara (agent and wife of the player) warned in their social networks: “It's 00:30 and I'm reading the pages of the renewal” and finally it was a new agreement with Nike, sports brand that dresses the player.

But Wanda Nara herself has now spoken again about Icardi's situation at Inter and has not given good news for the Neroazurri: “If the renewal is near, the Inter offer does not exist, I have to sit down and talk and still I have not done it, “the agent revealed.

Even so, it showed the predisposition of his player to continue in the Inter and sign a new agreement with the club. But for that, it has to be the inter-entity that feels with the player and his representative to negotiate: “We want to stay, it's not a question of money, how much does Higuaín charge?” Inter can pay for its renewal. “

To conclude the issue, Wanda revealed that Inter thought of selling his star this summer: “They wanted to send Juventus, but Mauro always said no and he wanted to stay at Inter.” Juventus said that if it was not Icardi was not going to sign another striker and that's how it was. “




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