Marcelo, with The Thirteenth

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2018 will go down in history as another great year in the long legend of the Real Madrid. A wardrobe that in these twelve months has been won face to face to the best Madrid ever, the one of Di Stéfano. A clash of generations, two golden ages, that share the same number of titles: 17.

This year Real Madrid again challenged the limits and managed to transfer them. Nobody had won two Champions League consecutive in 2017, therefore no one had succeeded three times in a row. It was against logic to imagine the same players who raised the 'Orejona' in Cardiff Repeat one year after Kiev. But there the team was planted in the final and ran into the Liverpool to win The Thirteenth.

The Thirteenth, the third followed

Three Champions League in a row that this weekend have resulted in three Club World Cup Consecutive An unprecedented 'sextete', of course, and this team is still exploring history. No one seems able to match this in the future, as no one could ever get to five European Cups of Di Stéfano's Madrid. In Abu Dhabi Madrid was confirmed for the third consecutive time as double champion of Europe and the world. The only 'but' was to lose the first European final in these years, the European Super Cup. The renewed Madrid fell before the Atlético de Madrid, team that won two of the last four Champions finals.

Marcelo, with The Thirteenth

What Madrid wins in Europe and beyond the continent is choking on Spain and is that the white club could not reassert its status as champion of The league of 2017. Zidane's players disengaged very soon from the competition that ended up winning the Barça. This season he has also been playing with fire, but the unstable situation of the Catalan club keeps him in the fight. The thorn of these years was again the Copa del Rey that you do not win since 2014. The Leganés He gave the bell last season, charging to Madrid in the quarterfinals. The set pepinero will revisit the Santiago Bernabeu within a few days in Cup, although now in eighth.

Madrid without Zidane and without Cristiano

The titles always mark the year of a team, but 2018 also marked Real Madrid by the exits of Zidane Y Christian. The two great responsible for the successes of the last three years left last summer. One through the big door and one through the back door. Zizou took a step back to renew a team that, in his opinion, needed the change and he moved away from the benches. Cristiano, however, stood up in the war against the club and ended nine years of a legendary relationship to sign for the Juventus in exchange for 100 million euros.

Luka Modric of Real Madrid holds his Golden Ball trophy

Luka Modric of Real Madrid holds his Golden Ball trophy


Madrid faced the biggest challenge of its recent history, which was to occupy the gap of the five-time Golden Ball. Among a new Benzema and a Bale already as a leader they have taken care of it. As well Luka modric, who challenged the Christian – Messi duopoly and won the Golden Ball, among other awards like the 'The Best', after ten years of distribution between the Luso and the Argentine.

From the failure of Lopetegui to the illusion with Solari

To replace Zidane, Madrid chose a Julen Lopetegui. An announcement that brought tail, especially for the position of the Selection Y Rubiales. The president was charged to the coach a day from the start of the world for his signing for Madrid and threw overboard what was an exciting project for Russia. Julen had no fortune in the Madrid bench. After a good start, the morale of the costumes was declining without finding a reason. After the collapse of The Classic, the club decided to cut to the chase and ceased to Lopetegui on October 29. It was credited back to the 'Zidane formula'.

Solari, during the final of the Club World Cup between Real Madrid and Al Ain

Solari, during the final of the Club World Cup between Real Madrid and Al Ain


Solari climbed to the first team from the Castile, as the French coach did three years ago. The comparisons between both have always been constant. Two friends who came to the white bench in the same way, with a similar style of play and an almost identical profile of coach. For now, the Argentine has recovered the feeling of winning the locker room with the Club World Cup. The defeats against Eibar Y CSKA They have been the only stains of these two months, but the reality is that Madrid remains in the fight for La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, where in the eighth Ajax.

The transformation in the wardrobe

Since the last Club World Cup that Zidane won, which he won on Saturday, Solari have changed many things in the white dressing room. To start the goalkeeper now is Courtois, while Keylor he was left alone with the Cup. The Belgian arrived in summer and has already shown in Madrid why he is the best goalkeeper in the world. Two players have resurfaced in the postZidane era: Ceballos Y Marcos Llorente; while, two others have sunk: Isco Y Asensio. Benzema now pulls the car and Real Madrid attends the start of the race of one of the greatest promises in the world, Vinicius. In addition to the Brazilian, other young people like Reguilón, Odriozola, Javi Sánchez or Valverde they are having opportunities.

FIFA Club World Cup 2018

FIFA Club World Cup 2018


Agencia EFE

It closes 2018 of changes, but in which something followed as always: the champion Madrid. Now comes 2019, a year in which it is expected that the revolution in the team is finished. Everyone wonders if next year will be the end of the generation of the last four Champions, while players like Hazard, Mbappé or Neymar appear on the horizon. That was what was predicted at the end of 2017 and the Thirteenth was won, so, a warning for the Madridistas: this team has promised to fight for everything once again. For this Madrid nothing is impossible.




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