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This Saturday, December 22, the Real Madrid he has the golden opportunity to continue extending his brilliant history, adding another trophy to the list of winners. The Al Ain is the last obstacle that remains for him to bring down the set of Concha Espina to conquer his third Club World Cup consecutive, something that would become a historic feat, after having done the same with the Champions League.

Gareth Bale celebrates his goal during the Club World Cup semifinal


Precisely about this he has spoken Paco Buyo in The beach bar. The merengue team's exguardameta has been very clear when it comes to corroborating the importance of getting the trophy back: “Madrid have to win yes or yes their third World Cup in a row, something that is within the reach of very few.” Therefore, he is very aware that it would have a great impact on the dressing room, and would serve to mark a before and after in the current season.

In addition, another considerable factor is that men of Solari they no longer have River Plate in the path. Against all odds, Al Ain himself won the Argentine team in the penalty shootout, which came from winning the Libertadores Cup to his eternal rival in the Santiago Bernabeu. Therefore, after this setback, the Argentine club will fight for the third or fourth place against the Kashima, being very clear that the party of the Libertadores awaits them before their fans in their country.

A trophy with a special bonus

So things, everything seems to face for Real Madrid to add his third Club World Cup consecutive to his endless track record. It is well known the requirement to which the white team is submitted each course, which begins with the obligation to fight for all the titles and to get at least one. However, this trophy would have a special touch, because after the bad streak crossed with Lopetegui on the bench, it would serve to vindicate the good feelings with Solari in command and keep the aspirations intact in the fight for each championship played.

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