Cristiano celebrates a goal with Juventus.

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In the summer of 2014, the Real Madrid I decided to incorporate a forward to his staff. After sounding several important names, they finally closed the cession of Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández from the Manchester United. His stay in the white team was not very long, but the forward keeps a good memory.

In an interview with the newspaper BRAND, Chicharito has remembered how that season was in the Chamartin entity. “Being in the Real was amazing because of how Spain treated me in general, I enjoyed being with the best in the world and winning the Club World Cup that year, “says the striker.

In addition, he points out that “every player dreams of something like that, I love the people of Spain”, and although he admits that “it was very short, yes” and that “you want to be in Madrid all your life” but “no they executed the purchase option. “

In addition, the now forward of the West Ham has remembered which players of that staff had a better relationship, in which he coincided with men like James Rodriguez, Benzema or Toni Kroos. “Sergio Ramos, Pepe Y Keylor Navas“says Chicharito”, although he points out that “in general he joked and shared with everyone”, but insists that “with those three I shared more things outside the court.

Cristiano celebrates a goal with Juventus.


His relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

The Mexican striker also shared equipment with Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite not having a relationship as close as the other three footballer, Chicharito says he got along well with Portuguese. “He got along well with everyone, despite being a Christian,” he says, adding that “he treated us very well and worked as much, he had a very good relationship with him.”





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