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The Real Madrid go back to The league this Sunday. The white set faces the Betis, for this reason, Santi Solari He has appeared before the media in the previous duel. The Argentine will explain how he sees the team for the match in which he will have a significant number of casualties.

The problems with injuries

“We will all go out and win together, it is clear that we have many setbacks, there are injured players who hope to recover them, but we will face them with a critical spirit and we will try to analyze the causes to improve”.

Vinicius flu and its importance

“We do not know if he will travel, the strength of Madrid is the group, we are 24 and he is the force of Real Madrid, it is true that young players is complicated, but the symptom is positive. I'm doing so well. “

They take on problems with injuries

“They are occupational hazards, not misfortunes, they are many injuries, and we assume it with a critical spirit and with the desire to shorten the recovery period because we need them all.”

The possibility of overtaking the laterals?

“All possibilities are open”.

The situation of Isco

“It's fine with him and all the players who train, we want those who are not training to have the full squad and have more options, tomorrow we'll see who are the players, I have not closed the call yet.”

The duel against Betis

“There are no easy matches, it's a competitive league, it's followed all over the world because of its competitiveness, Betis will try to play the ball and dominate us.”

The presence of Vincius in the match

“First we have to see if it can be part of the call, we will solve it throughout the day, important ones are all, so we hope to shorten the recovery deadlines, in the case of Vinicius, same”.

The constant substitutions of Isco

“There are 24 players, I would love for everyone to play more, I repeat, but the less pleasant job is to do the line-up or the call and the players are left out.” With the call, we are not having it because of the problems we are having and that is even more ungrateful. “

The state of Mariano

“It's getting better, the meeting will be known throughout the afternoon or tomorrow morning.”

Do not want to advise Isco

“I am not the one to advise anyone, they are players with a lot of baggage in the first division,” players who arrive in the First Division and win titles know what they have to do: 24 players, some very young, but others with a great background “.

The importance of the group

“We are 24 footballers and they are all important, we are going to fight for all the titles and they are important, we are going to win Betis tomorrow.”




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