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The prick before the Villarreal As a consequence, the Real Madrid it will be examined in the afternoon of Kings against Real society. The Santiago Bernabeu I was waiting for a set of Solari that was seen in the clear obligation to win. On the other hand, in the team txuri-urdin it was released Imanol Alguacil on the bench after the dismissal of Garitano.[[[[Narration and statistics: Real Madrid 0-2 Real Sociedad]

Vinicius It was the great novelty of Real Madrid. The Brazilian took the place of the injured Bale, while Isco he had to wait for his chance on the bench. The merengue technician bet to put the young pearl and not make any change in the drawing. However, the white team started again disconnected and paid dearly in the first action of the match.

In minute 2, a loss of Marcelo propitiated that Mikel Merino it will get into the area and, finally, be rolled over by Casemiro. Horrible the defense and the public of the Santiago Bernabéu that responded with some whistles. William José did not fail and overtook the txuri-urdin. More problems for Real Madrid.

The Solari reacted, but neither Benzema, that crossed too much, or Vinicius, who could not overcome Rulli, they managed to put the tables in the match. Afterwards, the Argentine goalkeeper responded with a good hand to a shot from the front of Modric. Madrid tried, but the minutes passed and the Real continued well organized in defense.

After half an hour came the controversy. Munuera Montero does not signal a penalty of Illarra to Sergio Ramos. The white players protested, but the VAR did not intervene either. What seems clear is the contact between the Basque and the merengue captain when the latter is in the air. This action ended up lighting the Madrid parish with the referee.

Before the break came the best chance of Madrid in the first half. A center of Lucas Vázquez he gets poisoned and ends up spat on the stick. The tie of Solari was around, but they went to the locker room on the scoreboard and with the urgency to come back in the second act.

A toned Modric and the verticality of Vinicius were the best news for whites. The Brazilian was shining especially and was about to score in an acrobatic shot that saved Rulli in the resumption. The Madrid continued pressing, although the Real Society continued creating danger to the against.

With the meringues overturned, opportunities followed each other in the two areas. Solari took Isco by Casemiro to play everything for everything. Januzaj, before, had been about to sentence with a thread that went out by centimeters.

The lace to Madrid would not be given at the end Real, but Munuera Montero. First, expelling Lucas Vázquez by a double yellow card. The Galician down from behind Mikel Merino and, quickly, the referee takes hold of the card. And then, not whistling a clear Rulli penalty on Vinicius. The Brazilian leaves the defense and the goalkeeper, but the latter ends up knocking down the Madrid striker.

Real Madrid would no longer recover from the referendum and after the assault of Munuera Montero would be Rubén Pardo the person in charge of ending the meeting in a meeting. The player from San Sebastian did not spare the head of the area alone against Courtois and thus bitter the end of Christmas to the whole of Solari.

2019 has not been able to start for the whites after a draw and a scandalous robbery at the Santiago Bernabéu. A point only of six possible that make the fight for La Liga get too complicated when a whole round is still missing. Real Madrid could not, but they did not let him either. Munuera Montero was responsible for bringing the coal in the merengue coliseum.




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